The real X rating  

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1/5/2006 9:23 pm

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The real X rating

Here we go again. Looking for lust in all the wrong places. This site is like a bad addiction. Always around the corner is the promise of success. Just one more email, just a few tweaks to the profile, another picture. The statistics are sobering. Just in number alone males outnumber the females by almost 10 to 1. Factor in the fact that many of the female profiles are fake and the ratio drops even further. What then are the chances of a normal, (I hate to say it) nice guy getting noticed in this arena?

Still, just being here is exciting somehow. I have a theory that our society tends to put more importance on sex than it deserves. We make it the linchpin of fidelity in relationships and turn it into something not to be spoken of openly. Do you realize that much of the world would view a website like AdultFriendFinder to be "dirty," a place where moral-less, flawed people have to come to feed their depravity? Meanwhile we could find any number of good, conservative, "moral" people who's hearts would swell with patriotic pride at a passing parade of tanks or a fly by of fighter bombers. Not that we shouldn't be proud of our military but how screwed up is it that sex is bad and war machines make us proud?

Sex is good. There, I said it. I've been pussy-footing (pardon the pun) around with that concept, probaby because of my own Victorian tinged upbringing. I was taught to save myself for marriage. I almost succeeded, waiting until I was 21 before succumbing to the delicious temptation of a girl who's naked body was lying on top of mine. In retrospect it would have been virtually impossible not to give in at that point but I digress.

They say that we humans spend the first years of our sexually active lives unlearning the negative messages we've been imprinted with by our well meaning parents, teachers and preachers. This is the reason why many women don't have orgasms until they are older. What a travesty. It's alright to fight wars and kill people but sex and the enjoyment of the body is wrong? Again, wars have been a necessary part of human history. I'm not so blind as to believe we shouldn't have a military or that we shouldn't sometimes fight for worthy causes. The point is that these two experiences have been switched. Violence and killing should be X rated, not sex.

So, here I am to explore these concepts. Are there really people in the world who are comfortable with themselves enough to talk and explore and experience? We shall see. We shall see.

angelgrrl 48F

1/8/2006 1:08 pm

I actually have a lot of thoughts on this subject. Yes, sex is good. Violence is bad. Both evoke powerful emotions in us. And both are in part caused by a patriarchal society. Afterall, how else can a man ensure that a child is his unless his wife remains faithful to him aside from either strong taboos or locking women up or both (chastidy belts come to mind here). And war, well, it seems men have always sought to expand their territory, and other men will defend theirs and their women

This is probably a bit disjointed. I have never actually put words to the thoughts before. But it's an interesting topic.

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