Sexual chemistry  

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2/3/2006 7:36 am

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Sexual chemistry

I'm not the most faithful blogger here, partly by design. I've made a conscious effort to get out more and experience the real world. This site is about sex after all, so this blog entry will be about something that actually happened just six days ago.

Last Saturday night my ex-girlfriend was over. After we broke up, she started an affair with a married man and I have spent the last three weeks trying to talk her out of becoming a statistic. Very few relationships that start this way will last and for obvious reasons. There is the guilt of having broken up a family and damaged children. There is a general mistrust of the other person. "If they did it with me, they could do it again." I know her and I knew the guy and his family and it was very bad news. He didn't deserve her and wasn't behaving with honor towards any of the people in his life.

The situation had been consuming her for three weeks. Sitting on my couch last weekend she just stared at the carpet while I straightened my apartment a little. After a few minutes I lit some candles, turned down the lights and sat next to her. I put my arms around her and just held her quietly. Honestly, I was not thinking about sex. I simply wanted to show her that she was worthy of affection and warmth from someone that was free to give it to her.

We sat like that for several minutes. I don't know exactly how long. Her breathing eventually slowed and I closed my eyes and prayed that her mental suffering would soften. Something changed in her little by little. I felt her body relax and she put her hand on my arm and started carressing it slowly. She turned her face to mine, our lips inches apart, and said "Please, I just want to forget for a while, to gain some strength." We started kissing and I held her head gently in my hands while she melted into me.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom, laying her down on my bed. We just kissed for a while, exploring each other's bodies through our clothes. I pulled her shirt up over her breasts and carressed her stomach, then pulled it over her head. I kissed her chest, her breasts and down over her stomach. I pulled her pants down over her legs and dropped them on the floor, leaving only a sheer g-string trimmed in green. The candlelight in the room glowed off of her body and she looked so beautiful. She pulled me to her then and I held myself above her, feeling our bodies pressed together while we kissed.

"I want to taste you" I said, and she moaned as I sled down between her legs. I kissed and licked her thighs, starting at the sides of her knees and working towards her pussy which I could feel radiating warmth and wetness. When I licked the crease where her legs met her body she lifted her hips off the bed, seeking my tongue with her pussy. I pulled her g-string to the side and sank my tongue into her pussy in a long, slow lick. Then another, tasting her, remembering what it was like when we were together. The g-string was in the way, hot as it was to pull it aside, so I slid it off her legs and engulfed her pussy with my mouth. I licked her slowly at first, trying to taste all of her. Then I moved my tongue to her swollen clit and slid a finger into her warm pussy.

It's so nice to return to familiar territory. I knew from experience just what she loved and there was no pressure to speculate what would feel good. Her breathing quickened and her moans became more insistent as I licked her clit and pressed my fingers in little circles along the upper wall of her pussy. With my free hand I caressed her body, gliding my fingers over her legs, up her stomach and over her breasts and throat. When I could feel her close to coming I settled into a rythm and pressed my tongue a little harder against her clit with each lick. She came hard, rising off the bed and thrusting her pussy against my mouth.

Tasting pussy is its own reward but a huge added bonus is the incredible sensation of sliding into a warm, totally aroused and satisfied pussy. We kissed for a few moments and then locked eyes as my cock pressed agaist the lips of her pussy. In one motion I buried myself in her warmth and we breathed together. We found our familiar rythm together and moved in sync. Her pussy felt so wonderful, warm and enveloping. I wanted to stay inside her forever. I rotated to the side so that I was laying next to her, her legs entwined with mine. With my hand I carressed her clit and watched her face as we both built to our release. We came together, her orgasm triggering my own and our cries of pleasure blending as one.

After a few moments rest I longed to taste her pussy again and I slid down her body to once more lay between her legs. I pressed my tongue against her clit, not really licking just pressing, releasing a little pressure, then pressing again. With a finger I pressed against her perinium alternating the pressure I was giving with my tongue. It was a slower build-up for her this way but I could sense her pleasure climbing, slow and relaxed. I didn't change anything, alternating only the speed of the pressure I put on her clit with my tongue. She rode over several little hills and then her body changed as she climbed to her third orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her hips as she came, keeping my tongue pressed against her clit as her body writhed under me.

Afterwards we lay together in the bed, holding each other. She slept with me that night and I found myself waking frequently to move over next to her body, to be close to her, to touch her smooth skin.

What will happen in our lives from this point is in question. I know that she loves this married man who she'd been seeing and I can't take his place in her heart right now, but for one night we could forget all about that and enjoy each other. We were chasing a memory really, enjoying something we hadn't felt in a while. I will remember it as among the most beautiful sensual experiences of my life.

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