Swinging Single in a Double Bed  

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8/1/2006 10:48 am

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Swinging Single in a Double Bed

Some folks have asked about the minor rant in my ad regarding "cheating" on my wife and why I think people who assume that I am cheating are obtuse (lacking a certain sharpness).

I have heard such things as...

"The fact that you don't have your photograph in your ad is proof that you don't want your wife to find out."

Or, "if your wife truly doesn't mind, then I would like an email from her saying so."

Do you see how this logic leaves a certain... dull impression? It is a bit like the old joke that determines that a frog with no legs is deaf, because he doesn't jump when you say "jump frog jump!"

I guess my point is, if someone doesn't want to sleep with a married person, they simply shouldn't respond to a person that says they are married! I realize that there are people out there whose ad SAYS they are single, but the legal documents AND living arrangements indicate otherwise. That is another subject altogether and perhaps then you should worry more about sleeping with someone who would blatantly lie about even the most basic facts rather than worry about their marital status.

I suppose that you can find every possible combination of married people swinging. Marriages where both swing together, or both swing separately, or various combinations of each, then on the other extreme are the marriages where neither partner would ever consider being with another person in any kind of sexual way at all. Between these extremes is every other combination you can imagine. As for me? My wife and I have dabbled in swinging together and it just isn't her thing. It is every bit as simple as that. Don't misunderstand, she is a very sexy and sensual woman, she simply doesn't have the same 'appreciation for variety' that I have.

I am not particularly judgmental myself, I do however believe that somebody swinging apart from their spouse should take into consideration the fact that their 'unsuspecting' swinging partner probably doesn't wish to be a part of a 'scene' and I think you would be both careless and selfish to even take a chance at putting them in that position.

There are certain advantages that 'married but not to each other' couples can enjoy, but maybe the toughest part is finding time to be together with all of the schedules and commitments that both have to deal with.

In a perfect world, husbands and wives would find an effective way to communicate their wants, needs, and desires on any subject, whether it is sex or meatloaf (or in extreme cases, sex with Meatloaf).

I haven't attempted to 'prove' anything in this blog, just open up some thoughts to consider. There are many reasons I haven't posted a photograph, none of which include the horns growing from my forehead. (Photographs are, of course, available when it is appropriate). As for permission slips? Well, if you need a permission slip to enter into an interlude, then I recommend that you consider having sex with adults for a change, who knows? You might enjoy it!


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