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7/18/2006 3:21 pm

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I may as well start my first blog with the obvious. Hopefully we can eventually move towards the exciting, and ultimately see if we can reach the sublime (give me some time here, I don't see any point in rushing this!)

So what is so obvious? MEN ARE PIGS! This doesn't come as news to women, and most men realize it but don't admit it. To those few who haven't quite comprehended the truth, it was worth printing it out and watching their jaws drop!

Having acknowledged this, I don't really want to promote less interaction between the genders! Quite the contrary, I think there is a reason that one gender was made with 'innies' and the other with 'outies,' that reason being - interaction! So why did I feel the need to express the suidae nature of men? Because I am about to make a statement that many men say just to get into a girl's lacey panties, and while I wouldn't say that I am totally innocent, I am not just snorting when I say...

I like big girls!

Nowadays, the term BBW has come into it's own, and women are SLOWLY starting to learn that men actually appreciate their size. I am glad for this and I think that the term BBW should get partial credit. Some gals don't mind coming right out and claiming to be fat, that's cool, but many simply can't stand that word! They do seem to be comfortable with BBW and anything that makes a woman more comfortable with herself works for me!

This isn't something new for me; I have always liked BBW's, even before the term came around. I remember having a crush on a girl in junior high school. I knew I couldn't say anything about it because the other guys thought she was fat. Yes, I suppose I should have stood up and defended the object of my affection, but there were already plenty of things to be ridiculed about without making that stand (one of the many lessons on "Swinehood 101"). So the secret remained safe... unfortunately!

In High school, I fantasized about my English teacher; she was easily the 'biggest' woman I had ever seen. All of my crushes by this time were high school sized bbw's. The other guys were dreaming about the cheerleading squad, and I was busily noticing the girl three rows up that extended beyond the edge of her seat. As it happened, the skinny girls always seemed to crush on me, and again I didn't buck the system, taking the 'love the one you're with' approach.

Once I actually gave it conscious thought, I realized that it was ok and today I can proudly proclaim that the secret is out of the bag! I am an outright fan of big girls! Well, for the record, if she is anatomically correct I am a fan of any sized girl, but I still have the dirtiest thoughts about those luscious larger frames!

In closing this first attempt at 'AdultFriendFinder' blogging, I will leave you with my favorite commercial quote...

Wider is better!

I may never have owned a Grand Prix, but you can be sure I have noticed the beauty of a wider frame that is built for handing!


wildbluedevil 56F

7/22/2006 8:32 am

Great reading! I'm a BBW and content to be so. I've competed with women less than half my size and less than half my age, and I've always come out on top. I've had to work twice as hard at being good at everything I do...and it's not size that hold BBW back, but the lack of feeling good about who we are. I've heard skinny women complain about there looks too. Ultimately, I know it's my great personality, confidence and skills that's going to get me what I want and need. We have a great advantage over thinner women! When a man looks at us and see beautiful, he is seeing us as a we really are, a thin person doesn't know if it her or her body he is memorized by. To sum it up, I don't feel I'm disadvantaged or "marked down" merchandise because I'm bigger, I'm just good!

rm_almostrare 55M
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7/24/2006 7:37 am

Thanks for the comment WBD, I couldn't agree more. I really liked the comment that it isn't size holding a BBW back it is how she feels about herself. I don't know if that is always true in the workplace, but I do believe it is true in relationships! Those men who are hung up on weight, could seriously use a lesson in depth!

It is good to see your confidence both in size and age, now if I could just see the rest of you! But seriously, thanks for reading and responding, I will have another post this week, not sure which topic yet.

rm_mahjongezy 64F

8/5/2007 2:20 pm

If you like BBW and are in the Eugene Springfield area.. give me a hollar... and we can see what we can do. I have no problem wit my size.. somewhere between average and a over the top! No one I have known has ever complained.. I like mysewlf and who I am and that is all that counts in my book. There is alway someone for everyone.. it is the hunt that is the most fun!

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