Cyber v's Reality  

rm_allurable 56M
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12/12/2005 1:37 pm

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3/30/2007 4:04 pm

Cyber v's Reality

Recently it has come to my attention that a lot of online contacts are more focused with the cyber interaction whereas I am much more interested in making contact online to pursue an offline interaction.

I wonder if there is a difference between genders and to what most are looking for, cyber or offline?

Is the anonymous nature of the internet and sites like this promoting a cyber escapism that has little to do with real world interaction?

I wonder....

rm_fnqangell 50F
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3/24/2007 7:05 am

0K, i buggered that up didnt i? Make note to self. Proof read before posting comments!!!
What i meant was that i like to make personal contact with those i meet online!!

rm_fnqangell 50F
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3/24/2007 5:42 am

Certainly cyber interaction is a focus for lots of those online. Cyber interaction is a great way for some to recognise their sexual fantasies but for others it is complete escapism from disfuctional relationships.I am not sure whether this is gender specific or just relative to personalities in general. As far as offline contact is concerned, I prefer to meet those I meet. Cyber contacts quickly become empty and meaningless.

rm_personalvibe 46M
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10/22/2006 5:07 am

People desire to be sexually liberated but cant get thier head around it.
Some couples start swinging as some type of cure for thier disfunctional relationship

Everyman1111 41M
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2/6/2006 1:32 pm

Apologies for the gender mix-up in the other post, Allurable.

Everyman1111 41M
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1/7/2006 10:28 pm

Hello Allurable

RE: [blog allurable]

I'm sure that many people would argue that there are quite a lot of differences between men and women in terms of what they seek on the internet, relationship-wise. GENERALLY speaking, that is.... Just as there are said to be widespread differences as far as how men and women relate in 'real life'.
There must be heaps of writings on this very issue by now (e.g. "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus").

Some people might even have the audacity to argue that men are more focused in either their heads or their dicks, and not much at all in anywhere in-between LOL .

Though we can find exceptions to the 'rule'.

I certainly don' think that "cyber-escapism" is a gender-specific issue. I've heard of instances of cyber-addiction occurring with both males and females. A lot depends on the make-up of each individual, and how prone they are to using the internet as an escape of sorts.

I think a forum for Cairns members like this one is a useful step towards encouraging people-to-people interaction. After all, a major barrier that can crop up, when two people get along well on the internet, is that they live too far away from each other and don't get to talk face-to-face.

For myself, I've developed a lot of online friendships, but there's only one that I've ever taken the step of going to meet in person... and that was only after about 4-5 years of telephone calls, online chats and exchanging of mail etc.

I'm sure there is still very much that need for person-to-person contact, even for cyber-users. Online interactions can afford a lot of mental and imaginative stimulation, but how much emotional satisfaction it gives is questionable, I suppose (forget physical).

I think the internet has its plus's and minus's. For me, it has been a great tool for learning and for creating links with other people both within Australia and across the world. But of course it has its pitfalls like almost anything else. It ALSO has its limitations - it can't take the place of a live human lover/partner, for instance
And It CAN become a crutch for anyone who is not self-aware enough to know when it HAS become a crutch, or an addiction. Therefore, such people need balance in their lives, and to meet emotional needs through better ways than the internet.

For me, it is one major aspect of my day to day life (like work), but it doesn't dominate my time.

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