The Nude Photo Shoot  

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The Nude Photo Shoot

Chapter One
The hard working office manager had her eye on the staff photographer. She knew he had a nude portrait business on the side and found this somehow erotic and compelling. She made an appointment for this coming Saturday. She couldn't stop thinking about that big beautiful lens searching every detail of her naked body. It made her wet just thinking about him ordering her into different poses. Nothing would be hidden from him. She wondered if he would be turned on while he made his art of her. She already knew she would focus on the package in his Levis while he focused on her breasts and thighs. Would he demand the more erotic shots? Would he allow it? Her mind was racing as her panties became moist.

The photographer walked into her office pulling her from this deep fantasy. Did he somehow since her arousal? He was, after all, very tuned in to women and the details of their anatomy. Was she blushing? God she hoped not. She wanted to appear unaffected by the up-coming event. “Cool and calm...” she repeated to herself.

He stepped towards her desk and offered a smile. “So, are we still on for Saturday?”

Chapter Two
She glanced at the clock again just to confirm that time was indeed still moving forward. This particular Friday seemed to be stuck in time. Adjusting herself in her chair she tried again to concentrate on her paperwork. She knew that nothing was really going to get done. Not THIS Friday. She hadn’t been very useful at her job since she had decided to make the appointment with the photographer. Had anyone noticed? She smiled a nervous smile to herself.

Finally she put the key into the ignition, let out a long sigh, and started her little convertible. The workweek had come to an end and it was only a few miles between the office and a glass of white wine. Then, as she backed out of her parking place, a tap on the window startled her and she hit the breaks. Oh My God, it was him!

“Hey there, what’s the hurry?” He spoke in a soft voice. His smile totally disarmed her. “I was just thinking about you.” The familiar camera bag was slung over his shoulder. His big brown puppy dog eyes twinkled. She chanced a glance at his 501s hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“You were?” Nothing clever came out. “I was just on my way home.” “Long week…” A little smile but her voice was too nervous.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have a quick drink and discuss the shoot. Are you getting nervous?” He asked with genuine yet playful concern.

The buttons of his jeans were at eye level. She swallowed and tried to think… “Nervous? No. I know you do great work. I have time for a quick one I suppose.”

Chapter Three
He rode with her to the up scale bar. His camera bag was positioned between his legs in her tiny car. He opened the car door for her and then the door to the restaurant as well. Was this a date? No. This is just a consultation right? He’s just being polite to the client. That’s all.
By the second drink he was asking what she really wanted out of this photo session. She obviously couldn’t tell him the truth. “I want your best. I want you to make me look and feel like a sensual woman.” He had already done that. Did he see her naked at this very moment? What was she going to DO with these photographs? He hated the word pictures. She practiced the word
p h o t o g r a p h s in her mind.
“You are a beautiful and sensual woman. That won’t be difficult.” He looked her directly in the eyes. No telltale blinks. If he was exaggerating she could not sense it.
“Thank you. Are you this complementary to all of your clients?” She was fishing and he knew it. She shouldn’t have had those drinks on an empty stomach.
“I know art when I see it. Now I just want to capture it.”

Chapter Four
She drove him back to the parking lot without incident. Thank God. She knew another drink and she would have lost it. By the time she dropped him off she was mapping out the rest of her night. A bubble bath and a careful shave. She fantasized about him photographing her while she was getting ready for him. What to wear? Why would THAT matter? “And please God let me get some sleep. I can’t have bags under my eyes. Not tomorrow.”

Chapter Five
She arrived at the studio in an altered state. Slow motion. Unable to think clearly, she had already turned her will over to him. It was warm outside and a little chilly in his studio. Her nipples strained a little at her shear bra.
“Hello” he said. Cheery and comforting at the same time. Cowboy boots and his trademark jeans, a long sleeved white cotton shirt. “I’m all ready for you.”
The equipment was fascinating. She saw umbrellas and lights and cables and candles everywhere. Candles? Oh boy. This was unexpected. Some music was playing but she couldn’t place it.
He put his arm around her a guided her in front of the camera and the lights. “Will it be all right if I touch you? I may need to move you into the best positions.” Did he just ask her that? Or was this a tape running in her over active imagination?
“Um, sure, that’s fine. I’m clay in the hands of a sculptor today.”
“Good then let’s get started.” He was behind the camera now. She could hear him but she couldn’t see him with the modeling lights in her eyes. He stepped out into the lights again and reached for her blouse. “I think we will start out slowly. Some of the most beautiful images will be of the undressing.” He unbuttoned 2 buttons and pulled her blouse with his fingers. Slowly and confidently he adjusted her clothes, her hair, her chin. His touch was gentle. His voice soft and low. She knew her breast was showing but she didn’t look down. She didn’t make a move that he didn’t choreograph for her. His instructions were all that she could hear. “Chin down just a little more…” Click. “Chin towards the camera a little….” Click. “Now, lets open your jeans a little. Slowly please. I want it all.” Click. Click.

Chapter Six
The backdrop was pure black. Her naked body was a beautiful contrast to it. The candlelight glowed on her skin. She tried to keep the moisture under control. He had posed her in all of the predictable poses and many more. She was feeling a little tired. Did it show? “Lets take a little break.” He came to her with a glass of wine and sat, cross-legged in front of her. He was backlit but she could make out his soft smile in his silhouette. He wasn’t giddy or giggly. He was comfortable here with her nudity. He was inches away from her. Was he even turned on? They say quietly face to face. The wine was helping. A wet spot formed under her. She looked down and said, “Sorry about that.” as gracefully as she could.
“No worries. It’s a complement.” He touched her face with the back of his fingers. “Are you still okay?
“Yes.” was all she said.

Chapter Seven
She had hoped for the permission to be erotic. She wanted to be captured in that sexual way. She was a sexual person. Not at all in denial of her body or her desires. And he somehow knew it.
“Arch you back now. Let your hair fall over your shoulders.” She was on all fours. Her ass was pointing towards the camera now and she imagined the angle was very revealing. She couldn’t stop herself… she reached under and found her moist clit. Click. Click. He came out with his camera in his hand and moved her to a more comfortable position. She reached up to unbutton his jeans. She just had to release his now bulging manhood.
“Its my turn.” She said. And she took the camera from his hands. “I am going to make a few Photographs!”

Chapter Eight
“Take your boots and jeans off. Move s l o w l y, I want it all.” Click. Click.
She stood there naked with the big camera documenting every move he made. She was savoring every beautiful inch of his body. She felt powerful and in control. “Put your left hand on your hip and take your penis in the other hand.” He was fully erect now. “Yes, head back a little. Flex your thighs. Imagine you are out in the woods. You see that a little hiker gal is watching you from the trees. You want to give her a good, long show. You know without looking she is masturbating while she watches you.” He caressed his balls and his penis with total abandon. She had him in the viewfinder. Zooming in close then back out to see his amazing body.

Chapter Nine
She set the camera down and he picked her up. As she wrapped her legs around him she felt his hard shaft fill her up. He was so strong. They stood there motionless. They both felt the passion and the chemistry taking over. She could see THIS photograph in her mind. No need for instructions now… He knew exactly what to do. His every move was art. Erotic, passionate art.

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