Rocky Creek  

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Rocky Creek

Rocky Creek

I headed out for a hike on my favorite trail. The Rocky Creek trail follows Rocky Creek as it winds along through the Aspen tree forest. I love this particular trail not just for it’s beauty but also because I seldom see other hikers. This was one of those warm fall days that I lived for.

I was nearing the halfway point and just beginning to work up a sweat when I saw her. Sitting on a big flat granite boulder was a beautiful blonde in her early thirties. The sun was pouring down on her and she was digging in her pack for something.

A voyeur at heart I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to get a good look at this beauty before she noticed me. My heart was racing. I was fairly well hidden behind some Aspen trees so I just stood there watching and trying to calm my breathing. She was SO my type. Cute, Blonde, Fit and outdoorsy for sure.
She had on hiking shorts and a baggy sweatshirt. Her hiking boots were off and lying down by her feet. She had taken a brush from her pack and held it with one hand while she pulled off her sweatshirt with the other. To my amazement she had no bra on and her pert little breasts shined in the sun. Oh My God I got hard instantly. She started to brush her long blonde hair with her head back and her eyes closed. She never even glanced around to see if anyone was coming. Then she arranged her shirt behind her and leaned back on one elbow. What happened next was a thing of beauty. I stood there with my hand inside my shorts stroking my erect cock and watched as she unbuttoned and pulled off her shorts and panties with one effortless motion. She was lying there with just socks on.

Now I really didn’t know what to do. I had wanted to innocently stroll up and strike up a conversation but now she was Naked. I didn’t want to freak her out. I was going crazy. My dick was throbbing my pre-cum had already started to drip. And I really wanted to see her bush from a better angle. I made the decision to try moving to get a better vantage point. Her eyes were still closed so I thought I could sneak a little closer and around by her feet where the view would be optimal. I moved like a cat. Measuring each step and carefully placing each boot. For God’s sake I didn’t want her to catch me sneaking up like this. At least not until I had gotten the view that I wanted. I surly didn’t know what I might do after that. So inch-by-inch I crept. I moved closer and closer and around to the left. Finally I could see the hidden treasure. And it WAS splendid. She was a natural blonde all right. There was just a little tuft of unshaven fur down there that made the shape of a heart!

She reached down now with one hand and started to tug at the little fur patch. And then she slipped two fingers down into her moist little pink slit. She brought her knees up slightly for better access and a better view for me. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this. Did she even think about being discovered? This trail wasn’t very popular but people Did come here.
That’s when it happened. In my delirium I stepped on a twig and it made what seemed like a deafening SNAP! Oh Shit! My heart stopped.

She sat up quickly. Grabbing the sweatshirt she held it over her breasts and looked around until her eyes locked on mine. Oh My God this was it. She was going to absolutely freak out. I was certain that she would think I was a and have a heart attack. But I was the only one having a heart attack right then.
She gave me a soft smile and began to speak. “Um… hi there. Didn’t mean to freak you out.” She must have seen the terrified look on my face. My dick went limp and I was conscious of the slippery tracks it was leaving on my thigh.

“Hi”, I said looking down a bit. “You didn’t freak me out, I’m just sorry to barge in on you like this.” I tried a little smile but I was scared shitless. “I rest and sometimes picnic on that rock too.”
“So, do you want to have a picnic today?” She had the nicest tone to her invitation. Her voice was soft and playful. And she was still sitting there buck naked except for red wool socks and a sweatshirt curtain. I knew I had better say something before this moment slipped away or I woke up from this wet dream.
“All I brought is a banana and a water bottle but I’ll sure share it.” Oh shit that sounded bad.
“I love bananas and I have a sandwich too.” She put the shirt down, crossed her legs and reached into her pack producing a Ziploc. “Come join me.”

I realized then that I had been standing there frozen. The adrenalin had me all locked up. I wasn’t sure I could even move. Had she forgotten she was naked and that I had probably seen her masturbating? “Are you coming?”
“Why not?” I practically was cuming a minute ago ….
I pulled myself up onto the rock and looked down at her in all of her glory. This was the kind of shit that happened to me and that nobody would believe. What would even be the point of telling anyone.

“Would you mind taking a picture of me? I don’t have any naked outdoor shots of me and I would really like some.”
“Um, sure, I said with a smile, I’m a photographer.”
“Well this is my lucky day then!” She handed me her little digital camera. “Let me just get these socks off.”
I shot a few standing over her and then a few more from down on the ground. I was clicking away when she asked me if I would move around to get her “pussy” in a few. Wow! What was she going to do with these photos? She pulled her knees up and started massaging her clit again. “Will you get some close ups for me? And a few with trees in the background so you can see that I’m outdoors.” Oh yeah, I was in my element. I spent my days photographing modeling portfolios, weddings, kids and high school seniors. But somehow, photographing this hot REI type in the middle of nowhere in front of God and any hiker that might happen by, well this was too surreal.

I hopped back up onto the big flat rock and sat down again my member budging at my shorts. The end of my dick popped out and the head was covered in semen. She offered her fingers to me for a taste of her love juices. Gladly I guided her fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked them till I was filled with her flavor.
“Are you going to join me in this picnic or are you the shy type? She stared down at my straining pecker. “It feels so good having the sun on all of your parts.”
I stood and ripped off my shirt as macho as I could and she knelt and un-zipped my shorts to free my now angry cock. “Commando huh? There is hope for you yet,” she giggled. My shorts hit the rock and I kicked them off with my hiking boots. Then the socks and all of my “parts” were now in the sun. “Can I see the back side? I’m kind of an ass lover.” She asked. I turned around and to my surprise she reached around and pulled herself up by my thighs to give my butt a big kiss right above my crack. I thought I was going to cum right there. She reached between my legs and gave my balls a little squeeze and honestly I had no idea what she might do next. “Lets eat now.” She instructed.

She handed me a half of a PB&J as I turned around and sat facing her. My brain was fried. I had never been so turned on and yet here we were just sitting and eating as if we had known each other for years. She handed me her water bottle that was filled with Gatorade or something and I drank to wash down the sandwich. “You said you had a banana?” She giggled again.
I reached for my pack and found the banana and started to open it. She grabbed it out of my hands and said, “Let me.” She pealed the banana but just a little. Then she squeezed out the fruit. I had never seen anyone do that before. Then she leaned back and slipped it into her pussy. Oh My God! She worked it in and out a few times and then held it in her hand and the sun reflected off of her pussy juices. Then she broke it in half and fed me mine as she sucked on hers. I swear she sucked that thing, slurping and licking and never making the tiniest dent in it. I looked down and my dick was STILL hard. It was aching and to the point of being almost ridiculous. I couldn’t remember a time that I had been so turned on for so long without relieving myself. I was in pain and I thought I was going to explode.
She said, “Did you know that bananas have magical sexual powers?” Before I could answer she slipped the cool banana skin over my cock in one expert motion. What the hell was this? Was this some jungle condom idea she had read about? I didn’t think it was possible but my mind was blown even more than it was a minute before.

She took my cock into her hand, yellow condom and all, and started to squeeze it and slowly move it up and down on my shaft. “What are you…” I didn’t even finish my question because I got the magical powers before I could. The inside of this banana peal was turning into a mushy, squishy, slippery, and DELIGHTFUL lubricant! “Oh yes, that feels so good.” I muttered. Slowly she worked my aching cock and I tried to hold out. I had never in my life felt anything like this. Not the expensive adult store lube, not the juices of the hottest cunt that I had ever been in, this was brand new and So unbelievably erotic. Faster and faster she moved up and down.
“Let it go… give me your load.” She whispered. I looked at her and felt a breeze on my back making me aware of my surroundings. Her eyes were fixed on my banana and both of her hands working it. I wondered if I was going to blow the top off of that thing.
“Oh… Oh… Oh…. My… God…. Baby….”
She was an expert at this all right. She slowed down as I was cuming and made the squeezing pulling motion that emptied me out completely. It felt as if it was pulling on the back of my eyes I came so hard. I was absolutely spent, every last drop.
She pulled the banana peal off of my grateful cock and neatly folded it and dropped it into the Ziploc bag. “Holy Shit!” I said. Then she bent down and gently licked and sucked my sensitive pecker clean.

“I told you they had magical powers. More Gatorade?”
I don’t know how long we sat on that rock. We talked and didn’t talk. We kissed and giggled and I brushed her hair in the sun. I watched her cum with my thumb inside her wet pussy. Returning the favor as best I could. I gave her a business card out of my pack and she said she would email me some of the photos as she slung her pack over her shoulder and walked away. She never even told me her name.

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