musing's in July 2006  

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7/25/2006 1:37 pm
musing's in July 2006

Now that the sun is shining I see people wearing as little as possible (and that gets my imagination working overtime). I look at the girls and see what is sexy and then try to copy them when I dress up to go out to play.

I look out for glimpses of bra’s and panties and I am always on the lookout for a flash of panties and stocking tops as they walk upstairs to go shopping or get on a bus.

In cafes, I am looking as they sit down or lean forwards to chat, sometimes I catch a flash of sexy thongs or silky panties in all the shades, of all the colours,. my cock starts to grow as I imagine what they would look like on me. What they would feel like wrapped around my growing cock.

I love the summer, I see firm hard bodies, glistening skin and I walk around knowing that underneath my "street clothes" I too am wearing flimsy silky panties or shiny bright white thongs and I feel and hear the faint swishing sound as my stockings rub my jeans. I feel the tightness of my suspender belt on my waist and the stretching of my clasps as they hold my stockings up and close to my skin.

My bra also stretches as I move my arms and breath, my chest rising and falling in tune with my breathing, the straps expanding and flexing as I walk around the town.

Sometimes I let my jeans slip down a little at the waist, this will allow any careful looker to see that I am wearing some lacy panties, the top just peeking out over my waistband, at other times I wear a tight tee shirt and if you look closely, you can see the outline of my bra straps underneath the top.

When I stop my walking about and grab a coffee, I will deliberately lean forwards in my chair, so that a small vee shape is created by my jeans waistband at the small of my back, and anyone glancing there will see my lacy panties or my suspender belt. I relax and sit back, crossing my legs and if you look closely you can see my stockings where my short "socks" end ......... to be continued (honest) xxx

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