musing' in July 2006.... continued  

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7/25/2006 1:38 pm
musing' in July 2006.... continued

I just love the summer and one year when I worked in Edinburgh I managed to "get the afternoon off", instead of going home I visited a place well known for casual encounters Marine Drive, Silverknowes.

I parked my car and took a walk in the woods, following a wee path, I came upon a gate, it was a well trodden path that led from the other side of the gate so I assumed that it would be ok for me to walk along it.

The path led to a small, newly planted copse of trees, I found a wonderfully secluded clearing and lay down to bask in the warm sun.

After a little while I heard the sound of someone walking up the path, still feeling very relaxed I assumed that this person would see me and walk by ,to go and find a place of their own to enjoy the sun, so I closed my eyes and drifted off, totally relaxed and enjoying the sun.

Now, when I first found my spot I lay down and rolled up my tee shirt to exposed my stomach and catch the sun, I loosened my jeans and pushed them down a little to get some sun on my waist line, and I took my shoes off, so my feet could feel the warm air. What I had gotten so used to wearing and had forgotten about was my suspender belt, high on my waist, my bra, soft white cotton, and my silky red panties. Because I had loosened my jeans and rolled up my tee shirt everything was showing, my bra peeked out beneath my rolled up tee shirt, my suspender belt was in full display framing my red silky panties. My jeans were halfway down my bum (the button undone and zip lowered and folded open, you know what I mean).

Now that I knew someone was walking towards me I rolled over (to hide my panties) and I was lying on my front when this man walked into view. He wore a shirt and trousers and was carrying a carrier bag, his lunch was my first thought, he nodded as he passed me by and I rolled over to acknowledge him and suddenly remembered that I was showing my panties and suspender belt so I sort of twisted and nodded back to him.

He carried on down the path a little further and soon was lost to my sight as he passed by some trees.

I relaxed and rolled over again to my front and closed my eyes.

After about 10 min's I heard him returning along the path, I opened one eye thinking that I will have to roll over again soon, I spotted him passing by the trees and I sat bolt upright and stared at him as he made his way towards me. He was wearing a skirt and wig of long blonde hair.

He was about my height and build and his wig was a sort of dusty blonde colour not shiny blonde but sort of soft and washed out blonde, he had a white shirt on (the same one he had before) and a mini skirt, it was a sort of grey school-girlie colour but not a schoolgirl outfit, much more smart. As he approached I saw his stockings were also a grey sort of colour, not black like mine.

I sat there my mouth open as he came closer and eventually he paused and stood in front of me, again blocking the sunshine.

"Er Hello again" he muttered " I noticed you when I was passing and thought I saw that you were wearing a suspender belt"

I was stunned

He looked gorgeous in his very feminine clothes and wig.

"I hope I am not upsetting you" he mumbled

"No way " I replied . I moved over a little to make room for him to sit next to me "please sit down" I said "you look great".

"Thank you" he said as he moved over and sat next to me.

"I like what you are wearing , you look really good"

"Thanks " he said " saw your suspender belt as you moved and its not very often that I get a chance to meet someone who wears undies" Do you like to wear undies " he asked.

"I love to, but like you its not very often I meet others who like to wear undies" "Do you come down here often?" I had said the words before I realised just how corny they sounded.

"Well I live over the back of these woods and I often come down to have a look around, there is a lot going on around here but not many people wear undies" he replied. "Well you have found someone now, I like to be called Alice, when I am wearing my panties " I said " I like Sandra" he said "when I am wearing mine" . We both sort of smiled at each other.

Looking closer I saw that he had put on some lipstick and his nails were painted a shiny red colour. " I haven’t tried make up" I muttered "Oh you should, it really makes you feel very feminine" "Well it makes me feel very girlie and that’s why I dress up"

"Why do you dress up?" he asked

stay tuned in ...... I will finish this later this week..... (honest) xx

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