Guess I just had to add to the blogs  

UsuryZonedGrata 60M
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12/26/2005 6:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Guess I just had to add to the blogs

I hope you all have had a good holiday!! Mine could have been a bit better. My mutt (Lassie) convinced me that a road trip was in order last Friday. We headed out to north eastern Nevada but only made it part way befor the trusty truck died. Spent the night in the metropolis of Lovelock then had a friend come get us the next day.

With no working wheels on Christmas, it was soup and burritos for dinner!

In other news, I have been reading some of the advice line questions and many are very good. There was one though that struck a cord. Some poor guy (long time member!!!) is complaining about all the "fake" women here. There are many ladies that use the site to digg up potential customers for "pay-per-view" webcam sites. I long ago learned to weed out those profiles but sometimes even I get fooled. Funny thing is, I also found out quickly how to report them! It is amazing how fast the profile disappears.

Well, folks I gottat go! see ya!

rm_ticksylicks 42M

12/28/2005 1:55 am

Put your clothes on you daft cunt!

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