Getting busy  

UsuryZonedGrata 60M
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8/29/2006 5:12 pm
Getting busy

Well, I have foud that you got to use several of the available search options to actually find the most members in your area who may be of interest.

The basic search finds most that match all the option you choose but then if you use the browse option, suddenly there are a bunch more!

Also, the "who's online" option may find even more!

You just never know! Database searches are not always set up as well as they could be. And in a web site, some sacrafice in accuracy to increase speed may be required.

Anyway, using all the tools available, I sent very short notes to several women that I found of interest. I guess this could be called a "shotgun" approach. Is it gonna work???? Who knows? Onlu time will tell.

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