After a long day at work  

rm_albaeire 42F
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2/14/2006 1:17 pm

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4/30/2006 6:28 pm

After a long day at work

It had been such a long day at work that as soon as I had gotten home, I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a nice cold beer and went immediately to my bedroom where I kicked off my high heels. It felt so good to stretch out my toes as I padded into the bathroom to turn on the hot water to fill up the bath tub. A nice hot soak sounded perfect and I decided to take one before I did anything else. I added in some lavender scented oil to the tub and the steam started to fill the room, before turning to go back into the bedroom to remove my suit. My hands slowly worked over my body as I removed each article of clothing, my hands pausing to play with my nipples as I took off my bra. My hands working my skirt and thong down over my hips until I could step out of them and toss the clothing on to my bed. I idly moved my hand over my pussy and was happy to see that I hadn’t missed anything when shaving it earlier today.

After turning on some music and lighting a few of my candles I walked back into the bathroom and turned off the water before slowly easing my body into the tub. I moaned as I slid deep into the water because it felt incredible, letting it cover me all the way up to my shoulders before leaning my head back against the edge and closing my eyes. I laid there for a few minutes enjoying the warmth before I let my mind, and my hands, begin to wander.

My hands started at my hips and glided slowly up and over my stomach to the undersides of my breasts and slowly cupped them. They’re not too big, I thought to myself, but are just enough to make a handful. My nipples were already erect and super sensitive so I worked my palms over the tips of them, in slow circular motions. As I continued to fondle my breasts I began to fantasize that I wasn’t alone in the hot water, and that I had Dave there with me, and that he was sucking hard on my tits. He knows how much I love that and it drives me wild every time, making me moan and thrash about.

I whimpered as I rolled my nipple between my thumb and finger, exerting enough pressure that I could feel a tug in my pussy begging for more. One of my hands continued to play with my tits as the other one slid down over my stomach again, and lightly traced my finger along the seam of my lips. My legs fell wide against the edge of the tub and my hand immediately went in search of my clit. It’s already engorged and my finger immediately begins to gently rub that sensitive spot and I feel as if a current is running through me.

Both hands continue their torture and my moans fill the bathroom. My hand stops playing with my tits and dives into my pussy as well. I slowly slide two fingers into it, the oil in the water ensuring that there is no friction. I arch my back at the feel of my fingers inside of me, desperately wishing it were a cock that was filling my hole. My thumb continues to circle the incredibly sensitive flesh of my clit and I want to desperately make myself cum. My fingers begin thrusting in and out and my hips quickly pick up the rhythm and I don’t even care if I slosh water outside of the tub.

I take my fingers out of my clit, but only for a moment, as my thumb continues to torture my clit. Without even opening my eyes, my arm reaches out of the tub to the towel I placed beside it and I grab my vibrator that I left there just for this purpose. It’s my waterproof vibe and I don’t miss a beat before turning it on and placing it in the water. I gently hold it against my nipples for a few seconds, which makes my toes curl, before moving it down to rub the vibrating shaft against my clit as well. I could cum in a heartbeat from this but know that I want to have it inside of me, filling my pussy.

I stave off my building orgasm, but again move the vibrator away, this time down against the lips of my open pussy to tease my opening. I slowly insert the vibe inch by inch, and again the oil in the water ensuring that it glides in easily. I moan as I feel it inside of me and immediately start to work it in and out. I want to cum hard so my hand moves it faster and faster, and I again fantasize that it’s a cock that’s pounding into me. My orgasm is building fast and I know that I will cum soon, so again my thumb starts to rub my clit.

I scream as I cum, my voice echoing in the bathroom. My hips are thrusting so fast that the water is flowing over the edge and onto the floor. My hand slows down but it still working the vibe a bit as the waves of orgasm wash over me. I let out one last moan before turning the vibe off and slowly stretch my legs out, feeling the tingles all the way to my toes. This felt incredible….but the real thing always feels much better.

rm_clitoral_man 51M
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2/16/2006 11:02 am

Mmmmm, very erotic definitely aroused my attention! Thanks for sharing...I think I'll need a hot bath now.


plsre4fem 37M

2/28/2006 4:15 pm

Wow! reading that 2nd time around is even better. Would love to hear or share some more stories.

rm_slapshotcs 38M

3/4/2006 11:20 am

great story. would love to chat with you sometime about it and other fantasies.

jizumper5 39M
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4/8/2006 5:53 am

well then...reads like a steamy novel...

rm_FFDavid 49
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4/29/2006 5:45 pm

Wow what a story I wish I was Dave lol, I live on the Cape when you make it down this way I would love to talk you on a boat ride and see what happens.

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