Damn, has it been that long?  

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1/17/2006 12:08 am

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Damn, has it been that long?

I neglected to share with you how it all went down. Well, it started at work. I guess neither of us could really wait until we got off to get off so I made it my priority to stay in her vicinity. She on the other hand was very proactive in this endeavor. She wore a nice dress, slightly fitting. She felt the need to prove to me she didn't have on any panties so she grabbed my hand, once again, and with no one looking slid it under and beween her thighs to reveal to me and very smooth fold of skin covering her clit. Mike, that's my soldier, instantly wanted to poke his head up and see what was going on. It seems like I stood there for a long time simply rubbing her gently until I had to show her I was not shocked or put aside myself by her agressive nature. I gently extended my middle finger until it was nestled between her lips and heading for front door to the club.
I felt she was already getting wet from our workplace indescretions and it was more than noticeable that my pants had a buldge that reminded me of an alien trying to break out of some poor soul's chest. She smiled, such a beautiful smile, and I knew if I didn't walk off that row now then we'd probably have to go at it right then and there.

The rest of the night went much like that, we'd have a moment of foreplay while no one was watching until finally it was time to leave. We both needed to shower after a long day of pre-sex secretions staining her panties and my boxers so we decided to meet up at her place at 1am. I changed into my street clothes but not forgetting to look just cute enough to have my bones jumped. A fragrance I like and so did she was this Curve Crush I picked up at Dillard's. When I got there she was dressed the way a woman should be dressed. She had on a Baby Phat t-shirt and a pair of white boy shorts (which I didn't know about until I did some further investigations) It was quiet. I liked it quiet. We could hear the slight wind blow outside, the sounds of one or two passing cars and the hum of the heater.

It's funny because at work we know exactly what to do to get the other one's blood flowing but outside, we seemed a little awkward. We sat down on her bed and talked. The conversation was short and quaint. I told a couple of jokes that brought that smile back on her face. She leaned in to kiss me and I pulled her in closer. Her lips tasted like that cherry lip gloss from your very first kiss in like 5th grade. It seemed perfect. I laid her back and as I touched her body she seemed to will my hands with her mind. With only my fingertips, I hoped not to tickle her, but I caressed her waist, her stomach, her breasts. It was so perfect. I kissed her belly button and she laughed a little. I was hoping that would be a first. It's always a great preface before I make my way between thighs. It's almost like the calm before the storm. My only wish is that I could make my tongue as long as Mike. Sometimes I'd like to...well, it doesn't matter. I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue until she came. One down...6 more to go. (My philosophy is that on the first encounter you should shoot for 7 orgasms. It's a very auspicious number.)

I'm running out of space here but let me tell you, I don't always expect to get head. It's a generational thing. But she delivered and something fierce. She sucked me like she wanted me to cum but I wasn't having that. I manuevered her waist above my head and we hit a really good 69. I licked her so good she had to stop sucking just to moan.

Are you wet yet? I'm gonna finish the story here. If you're interested in the rest of that evening just email me . I'll let you know what happened.

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