"The 18 Footer"  

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12/21/2005 12:04 pm

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"The 18 Footer"

I get more questions about that nickname. It used to be 15 back in my college days. The reason for the numerical names is simple...by big feet. The person that gave me the name 15 was the proverbial 'one that got away' Andrea Michelle Robinson. To this day I think if I see her again I'll just break out in song and sweep her off her feet. Back on the subject, as you can imagine, at the time I wore a size 15. Now, I can't speak for every person but the old saying about men with big feet holds some truth. I think I was always more impressed with my thickness than my length, but all-in-all I'm blessed. Maybe one day you'll find out.

Now that I'm older and my damn feet didn't stop growing till I was 23, I wear a size 18. Hence, Jayson the 18 Footer. I like to believe that this one came about, not just because of my Yettiesque footsize but also because of the way I carry myself. I know the picture up there looks kind of like a mugshot but the truth about it is that I'm only hard when I have to be. 90% of the time I'm labeled as a teddy bear. If you want to see the Mooretown come out of me just ask or mess with one of these things: My family, my money, or my honor. Also, given the right person, I like play the dominant to your submissive. That's right, I'm a brother that's into the freaky shit. Hit me up Alice and find out just how far the freaky hole goes.

BTW, if any of you know Andrea from Monroe...let her know I'm still searching for her.

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