Sex, Drugs, and Rock  

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5/14/2006 10:36 am

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Sex, Drugs, and Rock

...that would've got my attention!

What would you think now if I said this post is about growing tomatoes in Billingham?
Where's Billingham?
Or, what the f**k have tomatoes(Robert Johnson-They're Red Hot Blues) to do with the above mentioned items in the title?
If none of the above; please feel free (Cream) to add your thoughts in the little box situated below (that's your mind! not mine?)
It would serve you right if I rambled on (Led Zeppelin)about small red spherical objects (tomatoes;remember!?)
However; I have a question (Moody Blues) did Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) exchange phone numbers with Corrine Rae Bailey, whilst closing the show with "Alive" on "Jools' Hollands Later" on BBC1 one week last Friday?
..........or, maybe more?
Who knows......?
Answers in the box, please.

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