Peethetic! Poetic freefall inspired by Eddie Izzard  

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5/13/2006 3:48 pm

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Peethetic! Poetic freefall inspired by Eddie Izzard


Pure pink; perfect people

Picture pose, postulate
Protect planet protocol
Plaster pathos propogate
Penny placate precaution
Plastic pound permit
Paternal patristic paucity
Patriotic; per procurationem
Pahana paper posy
Prohibit poppy paradise
Paccaya poison platonic
Past puerperal, plentitude
Prolong pregnant pause,
Persian poet platinum
Polite poignant pearls
Ponder posthumous paragon
Penetrate pusillanimous pauper
Perjure peace partnership
Power predict prayer
Pali POSIX prolong
Putrefactive paradigm
Phallic precursor
Pericardium pheromone
Preconscious paradox
Pain power
Punitive patriarch
Pun Pi
Putative pharmaceutical
…pith pop!
…Phonetic Phala
Future Fluid float flip-flop
Feather forest fire flower
Famous father face foregone
Fly fear forever
Flesh French …fee no me non?
…..not so much a poem, more a piece of Fonetic phluid?

Copyright Ajahn2

...please help, I'm turning into Salman Rushdie!!!

...inspired by a Television Commercial for Re-cycling. By Eddie Izzard

SeasideRose 65F

5/14/2006 5:45 am

Now what can i say? A Helicopter Pilot....a slightly mad man......... and now a Poet!!!!!! LOL loved it!

rm_ajahn2 replies on 5/14/2006 7:45 am:
Hi Rose,
Thank you for your kind comment.
I was a bit 'peed' off when I wrote this...?!!LOL
Chris xx
May all beings be at ease

sideline1968 48F

5/14/2006 10:12 am

You're correct, I didn't see this before my last postings. Peek was coincidence personified. Peas are not to my palates pleasure. Perhaps pappa picked to many?

Very nicely done, piqued or not. My own prose pales by your power.

Just don't name anything "Satanic Verses" and I'm sure you'll survive this phase.

rm_ajahn2 replies on 5/14/2006 11:17 am:
Thank you
On reflection; I wasn't really "peed-off"...I was "pead-off"...
..I exhausted my memory of 'p' words, and learnt a few new ones!
(Which I've never been able to use in any conversation since! Hard to believe, eh?) LOL!
The sad thing makes sense to me!! Worrying eh? LOL!

Even sadder, I've read "Satanic Verses" "Fury" "Midnights Children" et al.
I had trouble with his (SR’s) use of 'big-clever-words', and had to read his books with a dictionary by my side, or try to put them into his frustrated by his cleverness, and even more by my ignorance!!
Its called learning isn’t it?
So, your father was a pea picker?
Is he still a pea picker, he’s not called Peter is he? LOL
May all beings be at ease
ps Am I too long winded?

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