Life is a habit...  

rm_ajahn2 65M
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5/12/2006 6:11 pm
Life is a habit...

.... none of us want to give up. But, it's killing us. The moment we're born, we commence to cause suffering (If men or, women were both equipped to give birth...I wouldn't want to have any looks toooo painful!!!)
I was present at the birth of my youngest son (28 tears (Freudian slip?) sorry, YEARS ago) and my hand still hurts!! LOL!
..and suffer! Held upside down by the ankles, and slapped on the arse! Dignity removed at birth, and being spanked already!! LOL!
The whole world is full of suffering, famines, wars, and pestillence.....this is the way of all cultures, has been, and always will be.
So, accept this truth, and then let it go......

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