Ding 45!  

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4/23/2005 10:02 pm

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4/9/2006 7:04 pm

Ding 45!

Well lets face it, other than sex, my second most enjoyable activity is World of Warcraft. I have just dinged 45 on my Druid. For those that dont play it, you can look into it, by visiting http ://AdultFriendFinder .com

For those that do play, I am not giving out my server information, unless you write and ask

I have specced restoration/balance. I am finally progressing into the Balance tree the past few levels. I really wish they would have done better with the feral line. It would have been alot of fun, but I find that whenever I group (which is more than when I solo) I am in caster form as the groups main healer. So it really doesnt make sense to go feral, even if it was a better tree.

Well, I sent out a bunch of letters today to various members. I finally got the first real response, but it said no thanks... Ehh well lets hope some of the others come in positively, or I may be letting the gold membership slide again.

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