Slow and deep  

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7/4/2006 9:21 pm

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Slow and deep

Taking a slow day to relax, while enjoying the company of a nice female. Waking up to the ever so soft rubbing of you cock by smooth hands of the female touch. Feeling the slow moving motions at wee hours of the nice on your pulsating cock, while your balls shrivel in excitement to a tounge slowly licking over your engorged manhood. The passes of the tongue making you ever so more excited until you beg for you deep longing member to be placed amongst the sweetest tasting lips. As she slowly engulfs your member into your mouth your head moves back ever so slightly in great aniticipation as your become rock hard, and she sucks like you have never felt before. As he sucks she leaves off presssure to lick your balls once again, and slowly rotates her toungue around your tesiticles making you ever so slightly harder once again. Once again she shoves your cock as deep into her throat as possible. You feel your cock hitting the tightest points of her throat, and begin to tremble in great excitement. Your cock begins to swell, and pulsate in great splurging excitement yet to cum. As you hold back with all your might ber great suction, and tongue action along your pulsating shaft gives way until you explode with a grand finale of pearly white streams of joy. You fill her throat with great sloppy messes of gewy filling. As she slurps it all down, and slowly caresses your pulsating member, you long to place it amongs the deepest treasures in the sea to finish out your glory. Spread them wide, and let the fun contiue, as you enjoy the moments all over again in between the legs, and watch your steamy load drip from the scrum

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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7/5/2006 2:00 am

WoW...Welcome to Blogland...awesome description...well done first entry...*smiles*

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