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rm_ahforgetit 49M
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7/16/2006 6:00 am

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5/6/2008 10:38 am

Right then.

So, I've started an account on this network this week, obviously with a view to meeting people, but I'm not completely sure what I'm after right now. Long term relationship? Fuck buddy? One night stands or wild flings? Anything kinkier? My profile is set up as a man looking for a woman because that's what I'm mainly looking for but I like to cross-dress and I'd entertain the idea of entertaining couples.

So, one thing that I have noticed is that for all that there are literally hundreds of attractive women in travelling range of me, there are literally thousands of guys looking for dates. That means a few things: I have to do the searching; ladies aren't going to fall into my lap. When I send out emails, they are going to be one contact among scores per day or hundreds per week, so I have to attract attention. And I have to be patient.

[blog LoveSpell11] has put an article on her blog about how to write emails that will get a reply. I recommend it highly. I'm happy to say that what she writes isn't rocket science - look at the profile, write a note that is interesting and interested, don't be a dickhead. Not news but it's nice to know that it is the right way to go.

So, reading that, I have sent out 15 contact emails, from which I have started one conversation, got another lady to join my friends group, got a few auto-replies and a couple of views of my profile. And someone has sent me a wink out of the blue, although when I sent a hello email she didn't reply.

Not too bad for my first week.

I'll be interested to know, if anyone out there knows, how to contact those ladies who put nothing up on their profiles except that they want discreet, no-strings sex, with some physical information and a photo of their genitals. Not much room for personality there, I think.

demonicsexkitten 41F
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7/31/2006 3:19 pm

As for your last question: I would assume those women arent' LOOKING for any personality. They want sex, pure and simple, no talking... and most likely just a one night stand. Personally, if I run across a guy's profile like that... I'd just snort derisively and move along.

But then my purpose here is "Friends Only". not just friends first. Of course, i've found lots more than I was looking for. All wonderful Including friends of both sexes.

And if the women you contact are bloggers: have patience with them. Sometimes when we start blogging we forget the rest of the site exists(at least it was so in my case, and i've read numerous others finding it the same). I didn't even look at my email box for the first month. Also, sometimes life interferes. At least in my case, I've received numerous emails from interesting guys, some looking for "Only Friends" too. But I felt I didn't have the time to write back the focused, personalized, detailed email I felt they deserved... so set it aside till there was time. And didn't get back to them. I've read some guys hear back from women they've contacted a month after the fact. Just don't give up... and don't hold grudges. Life happens to all of us.

Best of luck on this site

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