Another week or so has passed  

rm_ahforgetit 49M
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7/26/2006 1:08 pm

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Another week or so has passed

And I've sent out maybe 40 contacts, got a few more friends and started a couple more conversations, including one that's quite flirty.

A couple of the contacts have been scams, which in one case I wasn't surprised about. The other, though, was a masterpeice. A pretty woman, but not model-beautiful, erotic photo but no nudity, an intriguing come-on in her profile that implies that she's selective and smart, and a first email reply that is just as smart (properly spelled and grammatical, too). Unfortunately that led to an email offsite, which led next to a pay-site, and the implication that I'm not genuine if I don't follow her there. Well, I'm genuine enough, but she isn't real. Shame.

So I've been reading ladies' profiles and wondering about some of the requirements that I'm finding there. Some are easy to work out - young, beautiful women looking for men with big cocks - well, I suppose it's a lot harder to tell at a glance in the club than for big tits, or a fat wallet, but I have to wonder then about how rare a 7-inch pecker is that a woman would have to advertise for it specifically. I also have to wonder about the kind of woman who regards that as being the most important aspect of her man, and, y'know, just how good her knowledge is of her own anatomy. I note that a lot fewer older women are so specific.

Another one that's easy - No mind games - I think that one of the most pernicious phrases in the language is "if you really loved me you'd..." and I've had girlfriends who have come out of some really ugly and abusive relationships. That said, I'd make the same specification myself; men don't have a monopoly on mind games and I'm not a mind reader.

The one rhat really confuses me, though, is Good Sense of Humour. Everyone knows what GSOH stands for, but I bet very few people know what it means or what they mean by it. And it's used so often.

I have a sense of humour. I love to laugh, and I do so often. My favourite lovers have been ones I can laugh with easily, and that includes during sex, which I think is often hilarious. Some of those lovers have had very unhappy pasts, so I can fairly say that I'm easy to laugh with (or at ... I'm not proud ).

But I'm not a joker; I won't keep you in stitches, and while I'm happy to yak, it's as likely to be a debate or a story or an argument as to be a joke. And what I find funny is not guaranteed to be the same as what you do. In fact that's a major point of compatibility for me; can we laugh at the same things? do I like what you laugh at?

But I don't think that most people have all that in mind. I get the impression that often what is looked for, when someone specifies GSOH, is not in fact a person with a compatible sense of humour, or even someone with a sense of humour, whether it's the same as the poster's or not, but a person who will entertain them. Audience seeks comic.

2daycowboywanted 45F

7/26/2006 1:42 pm

Goodness seems to me that this site isnt really working very well for you at all.

Sorry about all the fake people and fake things that are going on around here.

I myself happen to be a funny, smart, intelligent, strong headed, real woman on this site.

My honest answer - be yourself - quit trying to be someone to fit someone elses profile. You either are or you arent. And why would you want to be someone other than yourself? I have heard of people changing - but to be fake with yourself - is a bit too far.

Until later

n1c3guyJB 37M
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7/26/2006 3:47 pm

Great study.
You're first one that stated the obvious flaws of this site.
I'm proud of you.
Keep up the good work and good luck

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