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8/4/2006 6:02 pm

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A little bit of magic

I've been on vacation this week, not doing much except sleeping and feeling flat after a quite wearing last four months. I'm killing time in Borders on Buchanan Street this evening; reading the stock, getting a coffee every now and again, thinking about poking some of the numbers on my phone and seeing if anyone I know is doing anything interesting. Eventually I'm heading out past the main atrium and I work out that the odd difference in the musak from one side of the building to the other is that I'm not hearing musak but an accordion in the cafe.

So, OK, i'm still heading off, but what I can hear of this music is pretty good and when they start playing This Land is Your Land I wander back. It turns out that there's a five-piece group up in the cafe, and not just your kid band but five real musicians, playing their hearts out every first Friday of the month, for anyone who wants to come and listen. Light folk-rock, Beanscene kind of stuff including a number from the new Bruce Springsteen album, an old Pete Seeger song.

So I settle down for the better part of an hour to enjoy the music. The band are having a great time and they are very good, good enough to be improvising to the Springsteen song, which the leader has just brought along and given to them on song sheets. The audience are apreciative if restrained, we are in a bookshop cafe after all. The music is light and cheering and everyone around me is smiling and nodding along to it, even if they have their nose in a book. There are children there, happy and not disruptive.

The set ends, they'll be back in a month. I go away humming.

If you're interested, they're called Follow That Camel. You can look them up.

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