Chillin @ home on the computer  

rm_aguy510 36M
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11/30/2005 11:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chillin @ home on the computer

It is my day off. I am bored. A day off on wednesday sucks because everybody is working. I feel like a road trip today. I want to stay the night out of town and drive to work @ 4 in the morning. I wouldn't be tired anyways. I can sleep @ work sometimes. I drive and ride in an ambulance, and when there is nothing going on, I can do anything I want (except have a beer).

My grandpa died a few days ago and I left work early on Monday to fly to Indiana for the funeral. My Dad did not show any emotion during the whole day. He did, however, joke around with people at the reception. He said that my grandpa wanted him to smile. My Grandma was in ok spirits, since he wasn't suffering anymore.
I guess I am happy he is in a better place, but I will miss him. I never heard about anyone who didn't like him, so I am sure many other people will miss him too.

I am still typing.

My mom's hair stylist has been cutting my hair now for the past year. She is the only one who can cut hair as thick as mine. People say I was blessed with beautiful, shiny, and thick hair. I think it is annoying. I do think it looks great, but I have to get it cut very often or it poofs out like an afro. It also takes me a bottle of shampoo every month to keep it clean! That is a lot for a guy! People also say I was blessed with long eyelashes. They always get tangled!!!! That is annoying! I am talking to someone, and they get tangled, I am trying to keep that eye open, but it is hard. The person I am talking to starts asking if I am ok thinking I am a weirdo. I am just fine, and that is NOT THE REASON I AM A WEIRDO!!!lol People, mostly gay dudes always come up to me when I am downtown asking me if I am wearing masquera. I only wore it once, but it was applied by my ex-girlfriend while I was asleep. I woke up and walked around for 2 hrs with it on. Her roommates told me I was pretty. I was embarassed, but laughed later when I found out I was wearing it.

I am working tomorrow!! Finally!!! I love my job, but recent events have prohibited me from working my usual 90 hour work week. I love helping people in need. I love seeing people at the end of their life and making sure they are made to feel special. Most people in their lives could care less, but I can show them that I care. Even if it is more for me feeling better about myself, I can still show them that I care. If they die, I can always feel great about the fact that I did everything I could at that time to help them.

I wonder if I should go to Gold's right now? I do need to get to the gym today, but I also might be called on by my hair cutting lady because she might have an open slot at anytime today. Today is the day I need a haircut!!! It has been more than 1 month!!!!! Let the gods of haircutting rain down with their scissors and trim this mop!!!!!

rm_lickmepretty 51F
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12/1/2005 12:12 am

I hope things settle back down for you and become "comfortable" again.

SaucyNSassy 39F

1/10/2006 11:31 pm

Wow, from one blog I just learned SO much about you. I smiled, I said "awe" and I laughed. You seem so sweet and I'm already jealous of your eyelashes and thick hair.

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