male philosophy :p  

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8/25/2005 8:41 am

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male philosophy :p

somehow it was obvious in different situations, and a recent observation on this site has given me an impulse to write the next bullshit in this blog. probably a new member, at least a new blogger - CarolRed, having opened a blog, has made the first post as usual, a "checking" one. see below:

[blog CarolRed]

well, the reactions that followed were simply fuckin hillarious to me at least. her innocent "hello" has sounded in the ears of some guys as "I wanna fuck, who's the first to get me?!?!". the most ironic thing is that she is actually into girls.
if you make a comparison between the number of men and women being gold or silver members, the two numbers are simply incomparrable. I mean... in Finland there is just one golden member. Are men really more desperate to fuck than women and see this place as their only solution?
it is true, we all wanna fuck. however, it was to me a classic example of how a normal guy would react to any sign from the oposite sex.

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