Things I don't like about Finland  

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9/4/2005 2:45 am

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Things I don't like about Finland

... well, I hope no one gets me wrong in here, but as in any other place, there are things, small differences that... bother, I may say.
1. Coffee.. there seems to be a lack of tradition in coffee, which is explainable by the extremely poor quality of the usual coffee that they serve you... Havent tasted a GOOD coffee in here, and for a coffee junkie like me, it is a problem.
2. Beer... not good. below average (not to mention that excessively expensive for the quality they give you). We even have a joke:
why do you piss more from light beer than from dark beer?
Because the light beer does not have to change the colour...
And why do you piss even more from Finnish beer?
Because it does not have to change the taste either... a bit exaggerating, but... get the humour .
3. No smoking ANYWHERE!!! well, this plague is more and more spreading all around the world. fight against smoking. OH COME ON!!! I cannot have my morning coffee (well... what is called coffee) and cigarette unless I go outside somewhere... obviously no one follows this rule... me neither, and why in this case have this stupid regulation?
4. communication... well... let us agree, finnish people, they are a bit closed, which is a fact,and unless you get really drunk (my pleasure!!!), you don't talk much... it is no problem in getting drunk, but then you see a completely different person in front of you... well... I can then explain why finnish girls run after foreigners (southerners), which are more considerate, show more attention to the girl, compliment her, give flowers with no occasion at all, say simple romantic stuff, etc, etc... then, you have the reaction to this tendency, some finnish guys have this hostility for foreigners... which may lead to trouble even... a minority, but it is enough one incident and then you have this impression... HAve to say... women are absolutely beautiful!.. probably this is as well why men have higher standards in this view... come on! gotta appreciate what u have!..

hope no one gets me wrong... and I hope my anticipation of a classic comment to this post, "get the fuck out of here if you dont like it" - style, is wrong...
these are just some thoughts. u got a beautiful capital, beautiful women, nice weather (haha.. for now), marvellous landscapes, and... corse, as I said above... beautiful women! what else do you need?..

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