If these wounds are self-inflicted  

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4/30/2006 6:13 pm

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If these wounds are self-inflicted

Now that the disclaimers have been uttered, it is time for our regularly scheduled program.

Drunk came by tonight. We have mixed feelings about him because, well, he can be a miserable house guest at the wrong time but, at a party, he can be a blast. It was a decent day; We ran a few miles and felt okay after; nothing hurt and no relation called to give us shit...but, Drunk came by unannounced anyway. He looks a bit like Satan in his toad-like incarnation in Paradise Lost, Book 4, and he likes to sit on the doorstep, as if we must to invite him in for him to wreak his havoc. So we opened the door and looked at him for a bit. He didn't seem so repulsive and we were feeling this odd void that only he could fill. Prudence yelled at us repeatedly to close the door because we had things to do tonight. Caution announced that no good could come from letting him in. At the end, Concupiscence convinced us to let Drunk's son, Buzzed, into the house. He always tags along with Drunk because he is still too young to make it on his own. So here we type with Buzzed and his brother, Vodka, wondering how we got lucky enough not to be trying to type with Drunk grabbing at our hands. We hope you are post coital as you are reading this.

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