The golf Instructor  

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11/12/2005 8:17 am

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The golf Instructor

The Golf Instructor

I have decided to take Golf lessons (God only knows maybe inspired by a cute golf instructor I know on line
I call up a local place and Schedule a lesson. As Im driving to the golf course Im hoping I have a cute instructor to make things interesting but at least hoping he’s patient because I know nothing about playing golf.
I walk in and am told by a quite snobby girl that my instructor will be with me shortly.
I thank her and turn to look some items in the shop. Before I know it there is a man standing behind me saying my name. I turn around and there is the most incredibly good looking , tall man with the most gorgeous eyes that make me melt on the spot. . “ So you’re here for a lesson ? “ I just stare at him and he asks me again “you’re here for a lesson right?, I shyly say “Yes” and he asks “do you know anything about playing Golf” I embarrassingly say “no, not a thing”. He smiles and says “well it’s a good thing I do..or something similarly funny and we both smile and laugh. He looks me up and down a moment (and I wonder umm is he’s checking me out..)..but then mumbles something about the right clubs for me…and tells me to follow him.

We go out on to the green and he shows me how to stand and hold the club and swing. He says the first couple of holes will be just warm up so he can check out my form and see where he needs to concentrate his instruction with me. After a lot of embarrassing swings and misses, (by me of, But some hits we (amazingly) make it to the 9-10th hole. As Im getting ready to hit the ball, he’s standing there looking at me and jokingly says “you really suck at this” I laugh and agree. He then walks over tells me to watch him a minute and starts demonstrating (again) how to hold the club and how to stand and how to swing….As I am standing there watching him my mind starts wandering away from golf and to him. I notice how broad his shoulders are and long his legs are and what a great ass he has. He then has to snap me into attention again telling me to come over to him, and tells me to prepare to swing at the ball. I take the club in my hands and stand over the little while ball… he then comes around behind me places his hands on my hips to position them right (I get a tingle) he then places his hands on my shoulders and slides his hands down my arms (everything is in slow motion at this moment) to my hands and wraps his strong hands around my hands. I notice how strong and tanned his arms are and I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck , I start to feel myself getting wet and turned on. He swings the club back and forth a few times, tells me to feel the fluid rhythm/ motion of the club as it moves thru the air towards the ball. I close my eyes for a moment but can only imagine what the fluid rhythm/motion of his cock sliding in and out of me would feel like. He then whispers in my ear…are you thinking about your game and golf? And I admittingly mumble “ no I am not” he asks me what im thinking about…but I am too embarrassed to answer him…so then he whispers in my ear “are you thinking about “fucking me?” as he presses his body closer and into mine, I feel his hard cock against my Ass. And I say “yes I am” He starts to kiss my neck then lick and gently bite the back and sides of my neck.(God that turns me on). I feel my legs get weak and almost buckle beneath me. He then pulls away..takes me by the hand and says “come with me” we walk maybe 10-20 feet into a nearby cluster of trees and bushes. Where he pushes me (gently, but firmly) up against a tree. Takes my face in this hands and starts to kiss me. His kisses are passionate. And soon his hands are all over me. Caressing me. He stops to unbutton my shirt and expose my white lacy bra (which unsnaps in the front by the he traces his fingers along my breast where the top of the bra sits on them and complements me on my nice breasts, before unsnapping the bra and exposing my breasts.
He cups them in his hands and squeezes them gently, rolling my nipples gently between his fingers. As he kisses my lips and then my neck. He works his way down my neck to my chest and to each breast.. sucking on each one..making sure to take time with each one. He then continues down my stomach licking and kissing till he gets to the top of my shorts. He stops for a moment and asks “is this what you want”? I breathlessly say “yes”
So he unbuttons and unzips my shorts and slides them down to my ankles. He then starts kissing and licking my thighs teasing me..working his way closer and closer to my pussy I feel his hot breath on my pussy and then he slides his tongue in to taste my sweet juices.
I gasp and lean into the tree. As he circles my clit with this tongue, slowly then faster then slow again. He then gently inserting a finger inside me. Licking and sucking on my clit he fucks me with his finger and its not long before I am cuming and my legs buckle beneath me and I am on the ground. He smiles (like the cat that just ate the ) and kisses me. I am so turned on that my hands are now all over him…I pull off his shirt he rolls over on to his back and I unbutton and unzip his shorts… as I pull his shorts down around his ankles I am rewarded with the site of the most perfect and beautiful cock. It is so Hard and sticking straight up…just perfect for me to ride… but as I move back up towards him I stop to slowly slide his cock in my mouth. I run my tongue up and down his shaft, lick his balls and then take him into my mouth as much as I can..almost reaching the base. He moans with pleasure and I taste his pre-cum. But I don’t want him coming yet. So I move up and straddle him and lean down to kiss him. My pussy and his cock pressed against each other. I want him inside me so bad and tell him so. I then move so I am positioned above his cock and sit down slowly , feeling every inch of him sliding inside me. I slowly grind on top of him until I cum again. He then grabs my waist and flips me over on to my back and as he positions himself above me, He teases my clit with the head of his cock for a few minutes (I love that) Then he looks into my eyes and presses his hard cock into me..deeply.. I gasp when he goes as deep as he can. Then he makes love to me slowly at first… his rhythm and motion are as fluid as his golf swings. He then starts fucking me harder and harder, Till I have another screaming orgasm. Which sets him off, he moans loudly then pulls out and shoots his cum all over my stomach. (I love that too..watching a guy cum) 
We lay there for a moment with the sun and breeze caressing our naked but satisfied bodies. Catching our breath . We hear voices and realize that there are people only a few feet away playing thru… we quietly wait for them to leave..get dressed and head back to the club house…after all my lesson time is up.  and even though I know Golf is not my game I vow to take another lesson again…real soon 

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