The Burgler  

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11/12/2005 8:47 am

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The Burgler

The Burglar

It is late at night, I have gone to bed. It’s a warm summer night and I have left a window open. You are a burglar and climb in the window to see what you can steal. You make your way around the house and towards the bedrooms (looking for jewelry) and come across me sleeping. I am lying on the bed in a short sheer white nighty. A sheet is only draped across ½ my body exposing quite a bit of my figure to you. You are now not interested in robbing me, but having sex with me.
You are wearing all black and a ski mask, so you cant be identified. in case anyone should see you. You quietly go to the edge of my bed where I am sleeping and stare at me for a little while (maybe anticipating what you are going to do to me) .
Then you simultaneously place your body weight across me and hold your hand over my mouth. I awake, startled, try to scream, and try to move but I can’t; you are too strong for me. All I can see is this black mask and these Strange, but what appear to be kind eyes looking at me. You tell me not to scream, that you do not want to hurt me.
I wriggle and try to scream, but of course cant. You again tell me “I am not going to hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you, I want to make you feel good, so don’t scream”
You make me promise to you I wont scream, you tell me If I scream you will have no choice but to Gag me, and that wont be comftable, and you don’t want me to be uncomftable.

So after a few moments of you asking me to promise I wont scream, I finally submit and nod my head in agreement that I wont scream. You whisper “Good Girl” and slowly move your hand away from my mouth, but let it hover there a moment in case I do go to scream. I don’t so you move it away completely. I then ask you “What do you want?” “Please don’t hurt me” you tell me “well I came to rob you, but now. I want to make love to you”

I start to speak but all I get out is “But…(why me is what Im going to ask). You just tell me that YOU ARE going to make love to me and there is nothing I can do about it, and that you want me to enjoy it as much as you are going to. I am speechless.

You tell me you don’t trust me, so you are going to have to tie my hands. I protest, but you say you don’t care, you don’t trust me and you reach for the tie from my dressing gown . You tie my wrists together and then pull them over my head and tie them to the head board.

You then tell me that you want to take your mask off but you don’t want me seeing who you are, so you are going to blindfold me. You find one of my scarfs and tie it around my eyes. I plead with you to please don’t do this… but you ignore my pleas. After you are satisfied I cant see you and that I cant move, you remove your mask..then lean over and place your mouth over mine. You gently kiss me..moving your tongue along my lips and then into my mouth. You kiss me deeply and passionately. And I think to myself this is no ordinary burglar.

You then pull the sheet completely off me, exposing me even more to your eyes. A cool breeze floats thru the window and as it floats across my body, it makes my nipples hard. You comment on my body telling me how lovely it is. You then start caressing my body all over with your hands. Rubbing my stomach moving up to my breasts. You move my nighty down across my breasts exposing them and after feeling the cool breeze on them ,then feel your hot breath. As you start to suck, and lick on my breasts and nipples. I wiggle my body slightly and I feel myself getting very turned on. I protest and say please don’t,,,but we both know I don’t mean it, and you ignore my pleas anyway. As you work your way with your mouth down my stomach, across my hips, down my my toes. You then take my big toe in your mouth and start to suck on it, then the others..the feeling is incredible (if your into that sort of thing, you can skip the whole toes sucking thing..its cool) .

You then lick and kiss your way up again stopping at the tops of my thighs. You pull my nighty up exposing my white lacy panties.. you comment on what pretty panties they are, you cant wait to take them off and see what’s underneath them. Again I protest, again you ignore me. You slide your hands underneath them and pull them off. You place your hand on my pussy and start to play with me. You tell me to open my legs, but I wont, so you take your hands and gently pull them open telling me not to resist you, otherwise you will just restrain me more (by tying my ankles to opposite sides of the bed, just making it more uncomftable for me). I decide I don’t have any choice that I am better off going along with you.

All this time you move very slowly, you seam in no hurry at all. I can’t see you, only hear you and feel you and have no idea what you will do to me next.
I next feel your hot breath against my pussy and just before you go down on me,,,you whisper “your going to love this” you then start to stroke me with your tongue.. I wriggle maybe slightly as a last ditch effort of protest, but it doesn’t stop you. You just bury your head even more. You find my clit with your tongue and lick it up and down then in circles
(sorry I know oral sex is a recurring theme in my fantasies but what can I say,... it feels so good..LOL LOL )

You then place a finger inside of me and move it in and out ,still licking me. I then feel another finger on my ass as you gently slide a finger in there too (again if your not into that, I can take it or leave it, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t so no big deal just thought id add something to the fantasy). You move your fingers rhythmically in and out of me and tongue me to climax.
When I am done Cumming, and stop moaning, you move up to kiss me, and I taste my juices on your lips. You whisper “you liked that didn’t you baby ? I knew you would, but I am not done with you yet”
I don’t (cant ) say anything.
I feel you move away from me, I ask you to untie me you just say “ NO” I beg you and ask you “please” you just snicker and say ‘NO, im not done with you yet”

I hear you unzip your pants and hear your clothes fall to the floor…(in fantasy I am scared in anticipation, in real life I am excited in anticipation of whats to follow).
You climb back on the bed and straddle me, you take my hands and untie them from the head board but not from each other. You place my hands on your chest and I instinctively rub my hands across your chest, across your nipples, you moan, and I explore your chest and stomach. I like what I feel very much and as much as I don’t want to admit it am very turned on. You then take my hand and place it on your rock hard cock. I freeze for a moment, but then you tell me to rub it and play with it, I have no choice , besides it feels wonderful in my hands. I slid my hands up and down it. You then move your hips up closer to my head and face. You place the head of your cock at my lips and rub it across them a few times. You then tell me that you are going to place your cock in my mouth and I am to suck it, but not to even think about biting you or hurting make me agree that I wont. And I do. You slide your cock in my mouth, I take all of it in my mouth and suck on it gently…you moan. You pull it out slightly and I lick and play with the head with my tongue, alternating sucking and licking it till you explode and cum in my mouth.
Some of it runs runs down the corner of my mouth and you take your finger to wipe it away but then place your finger in my mouth for me to suck it off.
You are still hard and now tell me you are going to make love to me
(hey ok maybe im being optimistic here..LOL but hey its MY fantasy..LOL )

You slide down and place yourself between my legs I feel the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy you tease me with it, asking me if I want it. I protest and say no, but you laugh (we both know I am lying) you tell me something like” too bad your going to get it anyway”. And with that you slide yourself in all the way, till it takes my breath away and I gasp. You then rhythmically fuck me,,sometimes slow, sometimes fast. At times telling me how much you love my pussy and how great it feels. Until be both explode in orgasm. You lay there quietly on top of me for a few moments, our hearts thumping and breathing breathlessly. You then get up, get dressed. Then lean down and kiss me again passionately, tell me that you are going to visit me again soon, in the middle of the night, when I least expect it. I will never know when though. Then you tell me your going to loosen the ropes on my wrists, but I am not to take them off completely or move for at least 5 min..and make me promise I wont. I promise.
Then you disappear, not taking a thing.

I then get up call the police…LOL … No… I don’t…..Just kidding ….LOL ….. I fall to peacefull sleep, wondering if it was all just a dream.

sum1elsestrain 31M
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11/12/2005 11:54 am

Beautiful story, Where do you live? lol no just joking. contact me babe, you sound fun!

rm_LKN4SX1971 45M

11/19/2005 7:40 am

I liked that! You got me hard just readin it. Thanks1

rm_afunsxygirl 47F

11/19/2005 6:59 pm

You are very welcome. I am very glad I can bring some pleasure/enjoyment to you and others

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