Fantasy The couple,The Limo  

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Fantasy The couple,The Limo

The couple, The restaurant and the Limo.

My B/F is out of town and not wanting to cook.. I go out to eat to a nice local restaurant… As I am waiting to be seated a good looking couple come in and place their names on the waiting list. After a few moments we strike up a casual conversation about the waiting time.. I tell them I have been waiting quite a while and think I am being passed up because im a single. A little while passes and finally the hostess calls the couples name. I am visibly not happy and about to go say something to the hostess when the man in the couple asks if their table is big enough for 4. The hostess says it is. He then turns to me and says “come join us for dinner, it will be fun” I look to his wife and she says “absolutely join us’…so I do.
We order a bottle of wine and enjoy dinner even sampling each others dishs..and flirting like crazy with each other. They are both very attractive and the wine is going to my head…when the woman..gets up to excuse her self to go to the ladies room… However, she takes my hand and says “come with me, keep me company” I giggle and say “ok” .. He just looks at us, winks at her and says “don’t be too long”.
Inside the ladies room.. I say I don’t really need to go…she locks the door behind her and says “nor do I” and then suddenly she is kissing me and caressing me. Her hands are running thru my hair as she pulls me closer to her. Our hands move all over each others bodies as we kiss passionately. She then tells me to sit on the counter, which I do she then caresses my thighs with her hands and moves them up my dress, pushing my dress up and exposing my black lace panties. She doesn’t waste anytime.. telling me “I want to taste your beautiful pussy. (who am I to say no..LOL ) she slides her fingers into my panties and pulls them to the side exposing my very wet and throbbing pussy…and then gently licks and sucks on my pussy.. I gasp every time she flicks my clit with her tongue and soon I am Cuming all over her face. She just looks up with a smirk and says “we had better get back to the table”. I take her hand to pull her to me and tell her “No I want to please you now” she smiles..unlocks the bathroom door takes my hand and says”later” and we walk back to the table.
Her husband is sitting there with a smirk on his face (like he knows what just happened) and asks “have fun?” we both giggle and say “yes”. She then kisses him and I hear him say “she tastes good “ (I blush with slight embarrassment). We have another couple glasses of wine…and then He gets up, places some money on the table for the bill. Takes my hand and says “come with me, its my turn” he leads me out the restaurant his wife following us. I am really to stunned and a bit drunk to say no and blindly follow, besides he is holding my hand tightly. He takes me over to a limo that’s parked in the parking lot. (ok Im getting my limo fantasy in here too) LOL I say something like “this is yours” he smiles and says “yes, get in” off course I do. I sit down on the plush seats and before I can absorb the whole surroundings. He is on the floor in front of me lifting up my dress, sliding my panties off and eating my pussy. I throw my head back with shear pleasure as he applies his expert tongue to my VERY wet pussy. I go to open my eyes and look down only to open them to see his wife is standing on the seat in front of me..Her dress lifted and her beautiful pussy at face level. I don’t hesitate and bury my face into it. She tastes sweet and delicious and as I flick her clit with my tongue, he husband is doing the same to me. I lick and suck her till she cums all over my face.. at the same time I cum all over her husbands. She climbs down and she and I look at each other smile and then at him …HIS turn !!!! he sits back in the seat and we both get either side of him..taking turns kissing him as she kisses him I unbutton his shirt to expose his beautiful chest and start kissing on it working my way down. His pants are bulging with the most amazing bulge I have seen in a while. I unzip his pants and release his very hard cock . It is very hard and absolutely Perfect. I cant wait to get my lips around it…so I don’t. and slide the head of his cock into my mouth and move my mouth down the shaft slowly. Rolling my tongue along the shaft as I do. I take his balls in my hands and caress them gently. And he moans. His wife then moves down and we kiss with his cock between our lips, flicking our tongues in and out of each others mouths around his cock. Then we take turns sucking him until he cums all over both of our faces. We all giggle at the good time. But that’s not the end of the story (wink)……part 2 to follow…….

Part 2
A few drinks are poured and consumed and and soon enough everyone’s feeling horny again…she and I start fondling each other , kissing and caressing each others. I release her lovely breasts and suck on her lovely hard nipples and she does the same to me, soon our hands are going south and we are playing with each others pussys as her husband watches. She wants to eat me again..and positions herself on the floor in front of me (doggy style) as she licks and sucks me I see her husband come behind her and start fucking her doggy style. The sight of her eating me and him fucking her is just awesome and I cum again. She then thinks that I need to feel her husbands cock inside me and I totally agree so we change positions where I am doggie style eating her pussy. Her husband enters me and I gasp for a moment..his hard cock feels so good entering my wet pussy.and as he fucks my pussy I eat hers till she cums. He then says he wants both of us doggie style in front of him and he takes turns fucking us both until he cums on our ass’s.

Sometimes there is a variation and the limo drive (who turns out to be hot looking) pulls the limo over climbs in the back and joins us in a 4 some.

Before we know it we are arriving back at their place… they invite me in, to spend the night saying their limo driver can take me back to my car in the morning. They have a beautiful place with a swimming pool. We all end up skinny dipping, having a few more drinks, and laughs till we all fall asleep. And in the morning…..we awake to some great morning sex and full Breakfast, (prepared by the maid )(hey its a fantasy..anythings possible…LO. Then the limo driver takes me back to my car.
Do I see the couple again ?? Absolutly (wink) We become good friends.

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