Where are you, sexy ladies of Spokane?  

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8/6/2005 12:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where are you, sexy ladies of Spokane?

Why is it so difficult for a single man to find a sexy, sexual woman here in Spokane? When I moved here two years ago, I joined this website in hopes of meeting like minded individuals. However, I have been amazed at how difficult it is to get replies on this site. I know I am sexy, and I know a woman would be very pleased to know me. I don't mean to sound big-headed, only confident. I have seen some beautiful women from Spokane on this website...are all you truly so inundated with messages that you don't have any time to reply? Just because a person is not willing to initially splash his face all over the internet does not mean the package (and his package) can't be better than those who are willing to post pics. I have grown so frustrated with this site, that I have allowed my membership to lapse, as I am tired of paying every month essentially for the privilege of looking at naked pictures. Playboy could fulfil such desires for me a cheaper cost. I am here because I want to meet a woman who knows how to fuck like nobody I have ever met. Do you exist? Do you live in or around Spokane? Do you have the time to write back to someone? This is the start of my blog. Check back soon for more rantings and ravings, or perhaps by then I will be ready to post some success stories!

P.S. Do you women really enjoy all the cock pics, or do you just think most of those guys are morons?

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