jabba the real female hut  

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6/14/2005 10:12 am

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jabba the real female hut

Well .. happened to me yesterday .. a new album popping up in my friendlist after accepting an invitation ... thought I could suppress those images without writing a comment, but hell...

... all I could say to <Jabba> after seeing the pictures and right before deleting the 'friend relation' was "This is not healthy!". I was kind of breathless in a negative sense. Here's the full version, just in case you dare reading my blog:

IF YOU CAN'T REACH AROUND YOUR OWN TITS ANYMORE, STOP EATING! And what are you going to do with that 30 inch dildo anyway? Spank yourself from afar?

P.S.: To nurture fatasses who couldn't walk to the fridge on their own legs without tripping over their own hanging asscheeks should be forbidden by law.

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