going for gold  

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6/19/2005 4:28 am

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going for gold

{time, duration, liquid}

13:10-13:25 10 mins, climax, no liquid (yeah, no drop lost!)
13:30-13:45 15 mins at about 1 stroke per second, no climax in sight, fallback to limp limb mode
14:20-14:25 5 mins fast foreskin work, lost some drops of liquid during climax whilst trying not to leak
14:28 bathroom, emptying my bladder
14:35 eating [after washing hands, for sure! ].
16:15-16:35 20 mins, blowing the load, hmmm
16:45 refueling water and stocking up calories
~17-19:00 "Four region mix"-breakfast in Hawaii, hope I still can eat today, really nice food. Dropped a glass of liquid.
19:10 shower is calling my name.. the summer is hot
20:00-23:00 took a nap ... guess i'm old ...lol
23:30 cooking my first hot food for today .. wonder if i could jack off while the food is boiling ..lol (answer is no)
23:55-0:15 Climax #5, no cumshot despite some drops drooling - call it precum.
Well history does end here, started chatting about the weather and things at 0:30 for some hours [which i did enjoy more than another climax to go for].

I'm sure I could reach 7 climaxes a day (not each day, baby!) with more being really hard to reach, but some years ago I started enjoying quality more than quantity.

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