go help the fat ones! tell the truth!  

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6/16/2005 5:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

go help the fat ones! tell the truth!

Quite often online chatting reminds me of kindergarden.

Met a woman who doesn't seem to be stupid in German chatroom yesterday. As far as I understood her, she'd describe herself as 'huge', matching my criteria for being fat.


What do you do when you see an analphabet? Do you tell him "Oh, an analphabet, this is no problem, we like you as you are!"?

When it comes to excessive drinkers: Do you tell them "Hey man, this glass should be your last for tonight!"?

You don't tell smokers "Stop smoking, otherwise your face will look like shit sooner and you might gonna get fatal problems!", or do you?

When dealing with people in front of you you have two options: Either tell them the truth, or to lie into their faces.

In the process of telling my opinion I ended up in the ignore list of some bystanders ... for being 'sooo rude'.

I tell you what, fat people [or people being too slim] out there: If your doctor tells you it's wise to loose/gain some pounds, the bastards telling you "it's ok how you are" aren't your friends, they are your foes! Get rid of them!

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