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6/19/2005 6:08 am

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Ever tried to have sex with a full bladder? If sex is going on for hour your bladder tends to fill up a bit during this time: Do you enjoy this fact and ever thought about starting sex with a full bladder?

Don't know if you women out there do know: Men can't pee and ejaculate at the same time (at least I can't).

And even peeing while having 'just a hardon' is anything from impossible, really painful. or very uncomfortable.

Under normal circumstances peeing is a relief, peeing right after an orgasm with a still stiff friend of yours is no fun though.

How about squirting woman? Can you pee while you're climaxing? How about pissing right after squirting?

And last but not least an interesting thing to try (did work for me in theory, need more practice though): If you realize you can't pee while cumming .... realize the opposite is true, too.

Conclusion? Easy: If your body is trying to climax, use your mind and muscles to try to make your body pee.

As you can't easily pee with a hardon you won't loose urine (even on a mild arousal level I couldn't spill a single drop).

But as you can't ejaculate while peeing, you are able to suppress a climax and go on instead, on a high level of arousal.

Try this (e.g. under a shower) and give feedback pls.

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6/19/2005 11:19 am

LOL...never thought about it...I would like to hear what others have to say, as I like to enjoy sex and not interrupt it with experiments.

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6/28/2005 6:16 am

emeraldkisses2 wrote:

4/14/2005 4:56 pm It is impossible to pee while aroused. Both men and women have this "safety" built in.

Can you copy that? Maybe we should replace "aroused" with "striving towards near climax"?!

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7/12/2005 5:01 pm

"The urethral sponge is composed of erectile tissue; during arousal, it becomes swollen with blood, compressing the urethra, helping prevent urination during sexual activity (along with the pubococcygeus muscle)."

"During ejaculation, the internal sphincter of the urinary bladder is tightly sealed to make sure that the seminal fluid travels forward and to prevent any urine from mixing with the semen."

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