What Breed of Dog Are You? What's Your Power Hour?  

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What Breed of Dog Are You? What's Your Power Hour?

Q: What Breed of Dog Are You? A: You're a Scottish Terrier!

No bones about it, you're an adventurous Scottish Terrier. Fearless, feisty, and always up for a challenge, you like having things your way. Some people might even label you stubborn or headstrong. But we know you're just ambitious and motivated. (Being misinterpreted is such a trial, isn't it?) Besides, your can-do attitude serves you well when facing challenges at work or in your personal life. No job is too big, and absolutely no obstacle is going to stand in your way. You're always ready, willing, and able to rise to the challenge. A loyal, caring friend, you choose your pals very carefully, then stick by them through thick and thin. Woof!


Q: What's Your Power Hour? A: You're Sharp at Sunset

When the sun goes down, your energy and creativity go way up. This is your on time, when you're most inspired thoughts come pouring in and when you're most motivated to venture out. Are you into sports, dinner parties, or just hanging out with friends as the sun sinks out of sight? We thought so. Because that's the time of day that really empowers you and makes you feel alert.

You're especially dynamic at dinner, cocktail parties, and early evening functions, when your persistent wit and wisdom are at their finest. And after dinner, when everyone else is putting on their jackets and preparing to head home, you're the kind of person who stays alert, inquisitive, and ready for more world-changing conversation.

Being such a superstar at sunset has its drawbacks too. Right when you're coming up with your most fantastic ideas, most of the world is too tired to listen. Sure, this might leave you with a limited audience from time to time, but when you're on, you're on, and those lucky enough to be around value your enthusiasm.


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