We don't need you!  

rm_affbreak 46M
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7/27/2005 11:57 am

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11/6/2007 7:47 am

We don't need you!

Stumbled over a poll with the question above on BBSNews: "Was Iraq involved in the US 9/11 attacks?".

Near 50% of around 1250 voters did click "No. Bush cooked the intelligence and ignored the real threat.". So far for the poll.

The comments section did catch my attention, though:

"I want to leave the U.S.A. Everyone here is arrogant." - "Goodbye, Please close the door on your way out. We don't need you, and we certainly don't want you staying here if you are so unhappy."

"We don't need you" is proof of arrogance by itself and imo a dangerous prerequisite of committing genocide. How many Jews did Hitler need? How many Chinese do need the US?

How many dicks or pussies do you need as long you can masturbate? Will you survive, masturbating? How are your chances of surviving incest?

You - as a person - might survive. Your genes will not. Got my point?


rm_affbreak 46M
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7/30/2005 5:37 pm

If a country is not willing to open up towards new ideas and cultures it won't develop.

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