Toothbrush vs. me  

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6/26/2005 3:29 pm

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Toothbrush vs. me

Before doing what I had planned for today I emptied and cleansed myself. No joy, but I felt it'd be neccessary to feel comfortable lateron. Be aware that this is _risky_ if done without any wisdom how to do it, and obviously any horny idiot can post 'advice' on the internet. If you don't know the difference between enema and colon therapy (-irrigation,-hydrotherapy} or if you don't have a clue what's dangerous about destilled or even drinkable water: Go educate yourself!

Ever read one of the "Anal HOWTO's" out there? Three words: RelaxLubeProbe, RelaxLubeProbe, RelaxLubeProbe! Start with a finger as you can feel how the body is formed.

As it's not christmas and Aneros supply situation seems to be bad in Germany I went for the Jackass-approach: A toothbrush handle. Don't do this at home! And promise not to tell my boss nor mom! LOL

Don't use anything which could cause cuts! There are handles with sharp edges out there which I wouldn't even try to touch! The list of things not to be used is long! Blog entries #1 and #7 are your friend!

What about all you women out there... ever used a toothbrush [lovely pervert pickup line ... lol]? Or can you tell me, why the handles of those ladyshavers do look quite suspicious to me? Some products seem to be designed towards getting diverted from their intended use!

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goddessofbitches 41M/33F

6/26/2005 6:25 pm

You know, I asked an advice question about objects being used for the pussy and ass. I am not a fan of anything but a dildo. This girl I had been cahtting with says she uses her brush with a condom on it for anal while having sex. She also uses various other things. I'm not that into it, but it must be fun. Nice post though.

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