Human memory  

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10/24/2005 10:34 pm

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Human memory

[F+M entered the arena]

(F) hehehe how u being
(M) what up sexy??
(M) good
(F) nothing yet n u
(F) u missed me babe
(M) same let's have some fun hun?
(M) what u have on hun?
(F) top n shorts n u
(M) if u remember always boxers on!
(F) yes babe i remember mmmmmmmm
(M) i remember u have nice big tits hun am i right?
(F) yes i do
(F) how could u forget me
(M) can't!

I was nearly laughing my ass off when I read "afaicr you got nice big tits, right?" line with the "how could you forget me" reply.

Boys: If you can't remember where your nose is start writing notes! If you can't grab your notes in time, make compliments without referring to the details - never ever allow her to think you forgot things about her! Imagine a girl asking you "you're the man with the 20inch shlong, no?". *PLONK*

Girls: That guy up there was trying, for sure. But be told the following: We males can't think when our heart is pumping our blood down instead of up. And we are lucky if we can remember how your wedding dress was looking like. We can remember soccer scores [numbers], you can remember looks n dresses [art]. But not being able to remember art doesn't mean we don't want to get another or even better view of the picture - that's why we love to come back to the exhibition. The sole fact we're _returning_ to _you_ is to be interpreted as "he did not forget me".

P.S.: Do some 'art' tests on your males: Ask them what color their toothbrush does have ... which kind of dress the female TV news speaker you just saw was wearing ... or similar. You'll see males can go to the bathroom or rewind the tape so there's no need for us to remember those things (until you start asking those kind of questions).


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