Hit Man - "A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors"  

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Hit Man - "A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors"

Intersexual -> Turner-, Triple-X-, Klinefelter's-, Swyer syndrome, XYY -> Chromosome -> Gene -> The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins) -> List of controversial non-fiction books -> List of banned books -> Hit Man

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In 1993, a triple murder was committed in Montgomery County by a man who was alleged to have used this book, Hit Man, as his guide. He was caught and convicted and sentenced to death. Wanting to profit from their loved one's murder, and realizing that the murderer himself was too poor to be worth suing, the family of those killed by the hit man sued Paladin Press, the publisher of the book Hit Man, saying Paladin Press "aided and abetted" the murder.

May 21, 1999, Paladin Press settled the case, giving the families of those killed by the hit man several million dollars, agreeing to destroy the remaining 700 copies of the book in their possession, and surrendering any rights they have to publish and reproduce the work. While the families were successful in profiting from their loved one's death, they have not been successful in stifling the book. With the surrender of the publishing rights by Paladin Press, the book has entered the public domain, and was published on the Internet at Overthrow.com in its entirety on May 22, 1999.

The book was initially published in 1983. 13,000 copies of the book are now in existence. There has only ever been one case where the book was associated with a crime, in that case the criminal had recently finished a lengthy prison sentence and had a history of prior violent crime. It is our opinion this book has never incited a murder, that the settlement of the Paladin Press case was wrong and forced by the insurance company, and that this book, and no book, should be banned. We invite the public to judge for themselves.

That said, here is Hit Man ...
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7/24/2005 3:02 am

How to push a book to the top of the hit list! Paladin Press was indeed wrong to settle; a book is a work of fiction (in this case) which is open to imterpretation by the reader. Where it the casae that a book incited others to commit murder, then the first book which should be banned and removed from the world is, of course, the Bible, which has caused more death and destruction than any other book known to man.

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This book is mandatory reading for all US Postal employees.

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