17 1/3  

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6/27/2005 5:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

17 1/3

The whole 'session' took like hours. I tried not to touch my dick, so in the beginning [about 2/3 of the total time] it stayed limp - I didn't feel comfortable nor aroused enough to get a hardon. The far easier way to enjoy prostate massage seems to be to start aroused.

When talking about massage I refer to: Applying some amount of gentle pressure to the prostate glans [pressing it "up" towards your scrotch] in a frequency less than one per second, sometimes minor vibration. No hard rubbing, no pain!

The frequency seems to be really important, so a toy functioning as a pulsating balloon could be more efficient than a vibrating egg.

I went thru different 'stages', with breaks ["I want more lube!"] and even some sleep inbetween.

Secretion of some prostaic fluid happend quite early, two drops or the like drooling out of my limp dick [note here: I saw it, but couldn't really feel it coming out]. That was all for now though. Got tired. Took a nap.

I managed to get into a second phase by teasing my nipples during massage (not touching dick), watching hardcore porn ["If they can take it up the bun, I can take it, too" (not true, lol, but suggestion does work)].

I grew hard - not rock hard, but hard. And enjoyed the feeling. If I'd stop to caress my nipples, I'd went limp soon. Nipples on/off = dick hard/limp.

I switched my dick on/off for a while, until my nipples became a bit nonsensitive, dick loosing size. What to do? I went for the 'cheaters' approach: Stroking it. Wooohoho!

My dick was so sensitive some strokes managed to get it rock hard. I knew 5 more strokes would push me over the edge. Cumming from dick sensation wasn't my goal though. So I just grabbed around the base of my dick and pulled the skin back to stretch the foreskin and keep it stretched. Massageing, massageing.

Riding the edge for a while I wanted to cum now - relieving my clenched muscles I concentrated on the sensation coming from my prostate .. hmmm.

Suddenly I felt cum flowing inside and out of my dick ... flowing steadily for about two seconds. No contractions happen and you stay aroused and rock hard. The feeling is really nice. Might holding a man's body in this state lead to a man's multi-orgasm? Not sure.

So far I can't hold myself in this state though.
I was too horny. I jacked off and came hard and long, spurting only minor amounts of remaining cum, shivers running up and down my sweaty body.

So we got 16 + 1/3 + 1 = 17 1/3.

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/27/2005 7:38 pm

I just hope it's not your hat size

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