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WheatVigilRooks 49M
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8/25/2006 12:04 am
First Post

ok first post in blog land. I wanna send out props to flyaway1012, and to bustybettyboop.. you girls rock. and you got me to actually do a post here. hehe (sorry haven't learned how to link yet)

Ok... here is my topic.
I travel a lot for business. since 9 11 I understand all the need for security and all that. But WHAT THE FUCK? I can't take a bottle of water i bought in the "secure" side of the airport on the plane. Come on guys. Either your screening processes work or they don't. we are constantly closing the barn door after the cows have run away. I can see the need for some restrictions. but how long untill everyone who flys just sits there and goes MOOOOO. cuz my friends, that is where we are heading towards. ok, I'm not that much of a liberal , but cum on. If I buy a bottle of fuckin water at a news stand in the "secure area" why cant I take it on. Now I bring this up cuz I have been out of town on business, and developed a truely nasty dual ear infection. and the meds make me thirsty. Lets see. 4.5 plane flight, one beverage service. hmmmmmmmm you do the math
ok.. enough for post should deal with sex if I get any. hehe

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