Airline Security  

WheatVigilRooks 48M
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8/25/2006 10:50 am
Airline Security

Ok, I'm kinda on a roll here. And Thanks to everyone who has mentioned their security issues. I just am amazed and appaled at the way TSA handles things. I was going through a check point, and I watch the person running the scanner. As my bag went through, she was looking and talking to someone behind her. Now I ask you. is that secure? really? We have gotten so scared of terrorists, as well we should be, but come on. We can take scisors? but not bottled beverages? And if you have a baby with you and have formula or bottled breast milk? You have to sample it for them. WHATEVER.

Sorry, and I'm sure someone from the Gov't is watching this post, and I'll have a hell of a time getting through my flights now, but really. Lets sit back and evaluate. They had to say that all gel like substances are banned. ok, then they tell us that gel filled bras are ok. hmmmmmm. again, does anyone else see the total disparity here? And I won't even start in on the matches vs lighters thing.

on a happy note. Its getting ready to storm, so I can hit the couch with a book and listen to the rain while listening to the Floyd. Rock on my firends.

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