Here's a little joke I hope u Enjoy!!! :)  

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1/11/2006 5:06 pm

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Here's a little joke I hope u Enjoy!!! :)

Crazy American

There were two soldiers fighting in the vietnam war. one an american the other vietnamese. The platoons from both men had been killed in the fighting. So both men where left fighting. The men would poop up from there trench and shoot at each other and miss. Well this time they both came out. At the same time they shot but no bullets came out. They had run out of ammo so both hid. At this time the american soldier was scratching his head thinking, " the hell am I going to talk to this guy", "Well maybe if I show a white flag he'll know I just want to talk." So he take his white shirt off and ties it to a stick and starts waving it. He make he's way over to the vietnamese guy. " Hey do you speak english?" But the vietnamese guy looks at him with a confused look. So the american soldier tries to find out his rank by making signs with his hands. "Are u a para-jumper?"(showing a falling man.)"Are u a foot soldier?"(showing a walking person.)"maybe a gunner?"(shaking both arms as if he had a big gun.)"Or are u a spy?"(making two circles with his hands and putting it to his eyes.) Then the vietnamese soldier looks shock and takes off running and yelling. The soldier runs to another camp where he talks to his captain. "Soldier snap out of it what's wrong with u?", the captain said. "sir, there is an american soldier that said that he para-jumped. Was going to run up to us. Butt fuck us until our eyes popped out off our sockets.

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