I love your mouth  

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4/3/2006 6:44 pm

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I love your mouth

I saw her walking toward me down the alley as I was hopping the fence from my backyard to get to my car. She smiled and asked if I could drive her to the Greyhound station. I said sure, no problem, just wait here while I go get my keys, I left them in the house.

I had to jimmy the front door open and when I did I craned my neck around and there she was, standing behind me . She puhed me ,hard, and I fell onto the carpet in the living room. She was wearing one of those military style PT coats,the long ones, boots and black socks. She quickly unzipped the coat and I saw that she was alabaster and nude beneath.

I cupped one of her buttocks as I rose and slid my index finger into her asshole. She moaned and said to fuck her ass, PLEEEAAASE. I began to rub on her labia and finger her clit, and I furiously began to massage her clit and outer lips in grinding circular motions until she backed against the door and said to fuck her ass.

As I slid into her pink butthole, she choked back a moan and was biting her upper lip to try and stifle herself. She pulled my cock out of her butt then leaned forward and with my cock still in her hand, twisted me around and began to spit and caress MY asshole with her mouth .

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