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6/27/2006 10:42 am

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thinkings and musings

firstly, the brazil ghana debacle was confounding. ghana played much better than the score reflected, and as well brazil didn't play to their potential by any stretch of the imagination. they could have easily run up the score were they giving a better showing of team play. and i suppose ghana's 2 red cards mean very little now since they go home.

on to musings. lately ive been noticing my interests are peaked more and more by the shall we say run of the mill. for the most part lately ive paid less attention to the dress up barbie/ken doll type people who dress to impress and more to just regular people. never have i ever been one to be picky, quite frankly if someone were to get naked for me it made very little difference to me what they looked like because we were both giving the other a chance for a good time.
on the one hand fake, stupid, and or high maintenance people tend to annoy me to no end, and i think to some extent this is why i am paying less attention to the more "primped" people. since in my opinion those three traits seem to by in large highly correlate to that particular group of people. on the other hand it isn't fair to classify everyone in a category like that. after all each person is unique unto themselves. this is shaping up to be a green eyed monster situation go either way and you'll feel like your missing out on the so called "real good stuff". so i suppose the solution like everything else is one thing at a time. just to take it as it comes. i suppose worry profits a person nothing.

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