What a disappointment  

rm_acepjp 33M
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4/2/2006 10:21 am

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4/9/2006 8:38 pm

What a disappointment

Its been many months since my last writing. From then till a month ago, I'd actually thought I'd found my one. By telling this story, I'm presenting myself as a real moron but I don't care. If I encourage people/someone to just be a little more cautious online, its worth it.

I didn't send her money or classified information. I didn't break any laws or get myself into trouble. All she ever wanted was to chat. We became close, to very close, imagining everything as it'd play out when she returned from overseas. 8 long months past of the most amazing times online. I received an email she'd past away from her brother.

You may pick up your tongue from the floor. Nobody in real life died. The weekend I thought it happened, I was a mess, tears like a river. I mean, come on, I thought I lost my soulmate. But the entire situation was a ruse, all 8 months. For support from a friend, I told her the story. She, not being persuaded by a second brain all the time, questioned her identity. It didn't take long to find the pictures she'd sent while traveling on other websites about those areas.

You might think I was crushed, but in most ways it wsa amazingly refreshing. I hadn't lost the one person I was meant to be with. My heart may have been broken, but my hope was reinstated. I gathered as much info about the woman I was actually talking to. Stupidly, she'd connected to an ftp server of mine perviously. I traced it to AZ.

I sent what I found out to her and her "brother." I got a last reply saying that she's lived a long and lonely life, that she didn't mean to cause me harm, that she was in too deep before she realized. Though I had no reason to, I believe this. All she cost me was time, time online and now time to heal.

This is shorthand version of the situation so I hope its clear. It helps me to get over it by telling the story. I couldn't have survived it without my closest friends.

From the whole thing, I at least took a dream, one I didn't know I had before. I have a stronger desire to find someone I can be close with. My profile explains much more. I hope you've taken something from this story. Best of luck in your own searches.

Your1TrueFantsy 33F

4/6/2006 7:19 am

That is the sweetest and most sorrowful story I have ever heard. You sound like a very sweet and compassionate guy. I have not found my soul mate, someone that I can share my life with either. All I have found so far is hurt and pain. I know it stinks, the journey to find the one, but at least you learn and live your life to the fullest on the way.

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