Loser's Request  

rm_acepjp 34M
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7/14/2005 10:12 pm

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Loser's Request

So I spent a lot of time proofing an email I've typed before sending it. I'm interested in the character I've found and am trying very hard to write honestly. Add some humor, a little to show physical interest. But there's nothing in reply, forever. Sure, there are a million reasons to not be able to reply, but its still depressing to get nothing back. Ya wonder if they got it. Did they read it? Did they even bother finishing it? Should I remove my photo? The conceived reasons just get worse.

I'm asking for people to at least reply. No one just walks away when you say hello in person. The web shouldn't be much different, especially a dating service. Granted, I'm at an adult site. Maybe people don't take things as personally. Maybe I'm being cynical. It'd be so helpful to know why.

cinnerella 47F

7/17/2005 1:38 am

I really dont think people are trying to be rude. Like you said, there are a million reasons not to reply. The ratio of men to women on this site is outrageous for one thing, i know i myself recieve quite a few emails in one day and being a standard member i am only allowed to reply to so many.Its hard to say what grabs my attention in an email and why i choose the ones to respond to that i do. It may be the picture or it may be something something funny they said. I am truly greatful that there are guys out there that take the time to write. I also get alot of winks, but honestly dont pay much attention to those, if someone takes the time to write to me i know there is an interest. I only wish i had the ability to respond to all of them. I would say is just keep trying, there are women out there willing to meet and you will make that connection. Good luck and take care.

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