Hello all  

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7/10/2005 11:00 pm

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Hello all

Hi everyone,

The site suggests I set this blog thing up. I've typed in a journal before but this seems a bit, well, different. For starters, you're reading this. Previous inscriptions were for no one. Even I typically didn't go back and read them. I guess you're suppost to write stuff and not put much cluttering thought into it. Here goes.

As the title suggests, I'm a regular guy, I guess. I love my career as an electrical engineer because of the satisfaction I receive from solving previously unsolvable or troubling problems. I'm good at that. I'm an engineer at and away from work. I'm not much of a talker outside of the requirements of work and basic life. I think it hurts my attempts to fit in socially, but I hadn't let it get me down.

Now I'm done with college and already a year has gone by in "the real world." I haven't made many more friends and the result is that I am here, typing, trying to shake things up. It seems digitally I am much more quick to respond/open up. In person, there's this protective, reserved filter that maintains my straight-arrow image. Its who I've been and who they think I should be. Being across the internet frees me from the setup I've come to be.

If you're here for insight to consider communicating with me, I don't bite and I encourage you. I'm an honest, compassionate person looking to make friends, perhaps with perks. I'm as sexual as any other guy with the same cravings. The difference is that I'm much more conservative with introductions. I guess I've always found it rude or selfish the way some men beg in chatrooms for webcams to satisfy them. They're rejected once, twice, and it continues until the prey caves. And that ending is the most confusing. Be well.

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