"Einstein's Big Mistake"  

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7/16/2005 11:53 pm

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"Einstein's Big Mistake"

I love my career. I'm an electrical engineer and I'm pretty good at it. I can design anything electrical for any specific purpose. I can program an HC12 uController to provide remote interface through RS-232 and communicate with an FPGA which is providing sub-micron timing for a high energy pulsed laser. And as fun as I know think that is (and I'm hardly being sarcastic), dating, women, and society in general is one big mystery to me. Its perplexing. While there are so many times you see shallowness in everything around you, there are others when you're suprised and sunken by your own.

I'm a competitive person. I use rules and experience to achieve maximum success. Its simple. One thing makes it worse, another is an improvement. And others would say you're making it far more complicated than needs be. Well I don't think its that simple. "The Game of Love." Well its got no freak'n rules. I figured out a long time ago how seemingly pointless things were. I can only assume that's incorrect.

I'll continue okay outside, but this stuff really complicates things internally. There's a great song by a man named Scott Meldrum called "Einstein's Big Mistake." He sings a story of a couple whom never make it because of the complications they face inside. I'd have EINSTEIN as a personal licence plate but no one else would understand.

My biggest fear is meeting my soulmate. I've so little skills socializing that any attempt at this point for a long term relationship would be in vain. Wanna email me now? Well its just a feeling and I hope it sounds worse than it is. My second fear is not meeting. How crappy is that? If she's my soulmate, than I can only assume no one else is hers. So because of my incapableness (actually a word), she will not live to her potential. I could worsen her life by crawling in a hole (more like not crawling out). So I'm here and other places making more effort than I ever did (bar was set really low) to gain experience, to make more friends, and maybe look for her.

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