kitchen chair -- part one  

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6/21/2006 4:27 am

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kitchen chair -- part one

I see you standing facing away from me. You’re watching the sun go down from the doorway. I come up behind you and slide an arm around your waist and put my head on your shoulder. As the moment is nearing its peak, and the sun is almost set, I give your neck a small kiss. I love the way your body feels against mine. From toe to head we’re touching. Damn, gets me excited every time. I take in the scent of you. Your hair, soap, perfume. Everything about you screams sexy woman to me.
I pull you a closer. I can’t resist your neck. I pull your hair to the side and start to kiss on your shoulder. I feel you respond to it. A little exclamation of breath. You reach up and pull my head unto your neck a little more with your left hand and tilt your head. My right arm is around your waist, my hand exploring your waist and stomach. Teasing you because I know you want my hands everywhere else. I trace your bra line with my fingers. Still kissing your neck and shoulders. Getting a kiss in return from you occasionally.
My cock is stiff as a board by this time. I press up against you so that you can feel it. You rub your ass against it. My hands are beginning to lose their restraint. With one hand I beginning cupping your breasts and using the other I start to explore your waist line. My hands don’t seem to stay still. Holding your tits, gently massaging them. Trying to tease your nipples through your bra. Damn bra’s. mmmm, have to get that off soon, but not yet. Slide a finger inside your bra and tease your nipple. Then sliding my other hand along your stomach and waist. Down the outsidesof your leg, which are still encased in denim, and then back up the inside of your thigh. I feel you gasp when my hand reaches your pussy. Can’t even touch it yet but I know exactly what condition it’s in. Ok, that’s it. I can’t stay here no more.
I turn you around and go from kissing your neck to kissing your lips. One hand is in your hair, and the side of your face and the other in the middle of your back. You’ve one hand on my chest and the other around my back. I can feel how hungry you are for my body. The thought of it turns me on even more. We head for the nearest chair. Dining room chair, not really comfortable, but it will do. I sit down and you straddle me. Your feet on the chair around my waist and your arms around my shoulders. Kissing me. Grinding your pussy against my cock.
We’re both pretty hot now. The kissing is getting really hard and passionate. We’re touching everywhere and anywhere. Constant energy. Woah! Time for a slow down. We lean back and give each other a look and a grin. Time to get rid of the impediments. I take your shirt off, trying not to tear it, but not really caring. There you are, Jeans, socks and bra now. Damn I love it, lol. I start to kiss your breasts around your bra. Not touching your nipples. I cup your tit in my hand and gently massage it and with my mouth I explore every inch that’s not covered by a bra. I can’t take it anymore. I want your nipple in my mouth.
Bye bye Bra. As I do that you pull my shirt off. You love to play with my chest too. Feeling my muscles and enjoying my strong tanned body. Makes me feel sexy as hell the way you touch me. You never say it, but I hear it louder than hell.
Ahhh… that’s better. Nipple in mouth. I lick and tease it. Biting gently on it while cupping and caressing you. My other hand reaches around for your ass. Damn stretched tight levis make it impossible to get a good handful too. I reach around with my other hand, still licking and teasing your nipples and put both hands on your ass. I squeeze you and pull you up a little, taking the pressure off your jeans so I can feel you in my hands. This time you don’t wait for me. You stand up and unbutton your jeans and whip em off. While you do that I get rid of mine too. We’re back on the chair in seconds. You in your panties and me still in my boxers. Now I can can grab a good assfull. Damn it feels good to have your ass in my hand too. We’re holding each other close, kissing each other. We’ve slowed down now and the rhythm has been established for the time being. Steady and strong, but not forceful. Gentle but firm. Our hands explore each other. You’ve got your pussy sitting right against my cock. You find the spot where you want it, right against your clit.
I hear you moan almost breathlessly “damn I want you in me.”
“Not yet.” I tell you.
I take my hand around you from behind and slide it into your panties. There is no problem finding your pussy with my finger. You’re more than ready for something inside of you. With you still rubbing your clit against my cock I start fucking you with my fingers from behind. My hand is squeezing your ass and my fingers sliding in and out of your pussy is about all you can take.
The whole time we’re still kissing. Lips, neck, shoulders, chest. Both of us kissing the other. Taking turns and alternating who’s giving and receiving. My free hand goes from your ass cheek to your tits. I can play with your body all day and prove it as often as you let me. We both know that the best part is thoroughly enjoying the others body.
I pick you up and carry you into the other room. I put you on the couch and drop to my knees in front of you.
I pull your panties to the side and slide my fingers back into your pussy and then put my mouth on you….

(that’s all I have time for right now, more to come later…

canuhandle1968 48F

6/21/2006 5:16 am

Gonna be hard to think about WORKING today!!! Thnx!!

rm_abutoo2 replies on 6/21/2006 5:58 am:
yes, employers hate me! now with you being all hot and bothered I think I can pen the second half of the story.

canuhandle1968 48F

6/21/2006 7:40 am

hurry!!!! lol (with the story, not the seduction)

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